Find out how to properly prepare your home for sale in 2020 so that you are able to quickly sell it for as much as possible. 

Selling your home in 2020 may not be something you want to do until the main selling season in Spring and Summer. However, it is very important to start thinking about that sale now

The more preparation you have, and the more time you have to do it, the more effective and stress-free selling your home will be. 

Here are our top tips for preparing your home for sale in 2020:

Start Looking At Estate Agents Now
Estate agents are an important part of the selling process. Looking at different estate agents now is a really good idea if you want the best rates and the most effective agents on your side. If you have them round for a valuation now, they can also give you tips on how to increase the value of your home and what to do to it to make it more likely to sell. Because of your early thinking, you will have plenty of time to get those changes made before the main selling season. 

Regardless of whether you get any estate agents round in the near future or not, we can guarantee that decluttering is a positive move towards preparing your home for resale. Decluttering is beneficial because it enables you to:

Make some extra cash
See the true size of your home
Get rid of any personal items that could put off buyers
Renovate any parts of the home that need fixing up
Neutralise the space with neutral paints and accessories

Decluttering can be done so everything that leaves your home is either packed and placed in cheap self storage, or sent to charity or gifted as you go. Cheap self storage is an excellent option for temporary clearing of the home. 

Clear The Garden
Buyers will want to see the house and that means trimming the garden back. The best time to do this is in winter when everything is not growing at speed as it is in the growing season. You may want to put large garden toys into cheap self storage as they can detract from showing off the size and quality of the garden. 

Get Used To Living In A Home That Is Always Ready For Show
Although your home is not for sale just yet, it is going to be soon. So it is a great time to start thinking about how you can live in a home that is always ready or show. Maybe you already do, but many families live in a normal family home which is often a little bit hectic and messy, because that is what family life is. 

Start to get used to hoovering a little more, having fresh flowers in, clean towels in the bathroom and, keeping on top of pet prints and hair. Little changes in your routine will keep your home much more viewings ready, so when the time comes, keeping it ready for viewings won’t be a stretch at all. 

Hopefully the above tips have you feeling inspired about selling your home in 2020. Preparation is key and the sooner you start preparing, the better. With a few changes, some sound advice and putting a little extra effort in to a premature spring clean or two, your house is sure to sell quickly so you can start a new adventure in a new home by the time 2020 is out.