One of the biggest challenges for most budding sewers is the very first time they sew a zipper. The zip foot should be used, lots of fiddling is involved, and the whole process can feel quite intimidating. So, before you shop for bulk zippers for sale at a discount, it is imperative to make yourself familiar of some basic information about zippers. 

Just so you know, zippers have three main categories. These are the following:

1. Coil – The coil zippers are the most commonly used and bought type of zipper fasteners. These are known as coil zippers since the zipper’s teeth are shaped like a spiral coil that interlocked once the zipper gets zipped up. Coils of these zippers are made of polyester even though nylon was originally used for manufacturing such zippers. Coil zippers are also known as nylon zippers.

2. Tooth zippers – Tooth zippers are classic shaped zippers that have individual pieces of plastic or metal shaped then set in the zipper tape. This particular type of zipper is known for being strong and durable and is often used in garments like jeans. 

3. Invisible – Invisible zippers are coil zippers yet this time, the coils are actually set back at the rear of the zipper tape to hide them. These are the zippers often used in garments like dresses or skirts wherein the zippers are invisible and set in the seam. Invisible zippers are now being used for other types of garments like uniforms that used to have button fastenings. To make things easier, invisible zippers are now used with the button detail serving as a decoration.

While it is easy to buy bulk zippers for sale at a discount, you can enjoy an easier and simpler process if you know what specific zippers you need in the first place. So, before you start shopping for bulk zippers, make sure you identify the right type of zipper that suits your project. This way, you can avoid the need to redo the whole process and get a project that you will be proud to show off.