You have heard about preserving breast milk. Now you have found a new way to feed your baby. The baby does not have to hold onto your breast all the time. What a relief! Even your partner can resume the duty of feeding the baby when you are busy. Isn’t that wonderful? Everyone is involved in feeding. 

You may still have some questions. If you don’t have any, you need to read some of the questions concerned parents are asking about the whole process. For example, some want to know why they need the best bottle warmer for breastmilk. The answers and facts provided to those questions can re-orientate you a little.

· How Long Is Safe To Store Milk 

Well, there are three conditions under which you can store milk. You can keep the pumped milk at room temperature in the refrigerator or freeze it.
· When you keep breast milk in the refrigerator, it can last for about 4 hours.
· Refrigerating at 39.2 F or 4C or below can preserve the milk for 5 days
· Freezing the milk inside a fridge can preserve breast milk for about 2 weeks
· Freezing in a separate compartment can preserve the milk for 6 months

When you are preserving milk, ensure you put a label on the bottle, showing the date. Instead of wasting your time warming a bottle in the best bottle warmer for breastmilk, you can simply check the label to know if the milk is still good for consumption. 

· Which Method Of Preserving Milk Is Better?

What do you mean by ‘better’? If you mean which one will last longer, you have your answers above. But if you mean which one has the highest amount of nutrients, refrigerated breast milk is always better. Refrigerated is preferable over frozen just as fresh milk is preferred over all others, even formula. Fresh milk is so rich that you must ensure your baby has access to it at least several times a day. Fresh breast milk is so natural, contains the highest amount of fat, vitamins and bacteria-fighting properties. 

· How Do I Warm Breast Milk?

You will need the best bottle warmer for breastmilk. They are made to serve this purpose effectively. You don’t have to worry, they are usable anywhere – on a train or in your office. If you don’t have access to a bottle warmer, you can put the milk bottle in a bowl of hot water. Feel the temperature of the bottle on your skin before you serve the milk to your child. 

· Why Do I Perceive An Odd Smell With My Stored Milk?

If you haven’t followed the right process or the right temperature or you want to serve milk that has already exceeded its recommended time, you may perceive an odd smell. The enzyme in the milk called lipase has broken down the fats and fatty acids have been released. This breaking down process prevents the development of harmful bacteria. 

It is better to let such milk go. Always obey instructions about temperature and carrying the preserved milk around. Always carry preserved milk around in an insulated bag. Alternatively, you can use a cooler bag that has ice packs in it. Do not keep milk you want to preserve for long on the table, allowing it to chill. If you are preserving, preserve it as soon as you are able. If you are serving, do it immediately.

· Can I Reheat Or Re-warm A Bottle Of Milk? How Many Times?

You can re-heat of course, but it has a process and some rules. The first thing is that you should refrigerate unfinished milk as soon as you are done with it. Say, you want to serve the milk and your kid has taken a portion but she didn’t finish it, close the bottle immediately and return to the fridge within an hour. If you don’t, saliva from serving the baby will form bacteria in the milk. 

The bottle of milk in the fridge will settle, fat separating slowly from the milk. When you want to reheat it, make sure you shake it. 

You can reheat the already used milk again, but limit it to just one more time. Do not use a microwave. Your best choice is the best bottle warmer for breastmilk. If you reheat and use the milk and there is leftover, throw it away. 

A word of advice here, you should know if reheating in the first place is worth using by smelling the milk. Throw away if it smells funny.