Why do unpredictable results occur after the introduction of an "original" product? Then why spend your time and nerves to fix it? 

At the moment, unfortunately, many sources offer counterfeit goods that only cause serious negative consequences. Buying such products will be more costly and not profitable. Often these dermal fillers are offered by questionable online stores that do not have any confirmation of the safety of their products. 

Juvederm dermal fillers is the most famous non-animal based hyaluronic acid filler. Its efficiency is very high and the quality standards that the product meets are quite high. The gel content meets the world standards and is completely safe for the human body. And how do you spot Juvederm fakes in the product market? 

1.External signs: 

- On the left side of the bundle is the batch number, date of manufacture, and expiration date of the content. The customer can check the number on the Allergan website. 

- In a certain area of the bundle (bottom) there is information about the limited use of products. Therefore, a Juvederm filler may be purchased by a physician licensed to use such drugs. 

2. Inside the package: 

- Syringes containing gel are packed in sterile packaging. The front of the package contains the batch reference number, date of manufacture and expiration date. this information must be the same as that indicated on the outside of the package. 

- The contents of the syringe must be complete and ready for use. The dosage of the filling is contained on the package. 

- The syringe tube is sealed with a plastic cap. 

- The syringe tube has a label indicating the batch reference number, which is identical to the external product information. 

- The packaging must include product instructions. 

How not to trap fake Juvederm product stores on the Internet? 

The first tip is that you should have a consistent quality product provider for your clinic. Beauty Dermal is the official supplier of pharmaceutical products. Here you can buy Juvederm online and not worry about the originality of the products, because our products are completely safe and approved by quality standards. 

To avoid buying non-genuine Juvederm products, you should pay attention to: 

Too low cost? 

Before ordering Juvederm at a very low price, you must consider its cost, which simply cannot be below the average market price. So be careful when you see prices below $ 250. 

What is the full store information? 

Carefully check the company where you want to buy Juvederm online. Got a phone number or email? Contact your manager! Find the customer reviews section and review it carefully. Try to check all information with the manager. 

What is the packaging? 

Take a look at the Juvederm pack. Check the outside signs and contents of the pack. You can also find our contacts on the site of Beauty Dermal and find out the full information on picking the product. 
Does the company have a social media account? It may seem frivolous at first, but it is an important sign that the company does exist. Find a store page on at least one of the social networks. If there is information related to the goods, this is another indication that you can trust this manufacturer. 

Why is it can not made from China? 

In most cases, counterfeit goods are shipped from China. This production is not properly tested and you cannot be sure that the substance inside the syringe is safe. Thus, there is a high risk of getting not only an injection of poor quality, but also of becoming infected with serious infections. 

We advise you to be careful about choosing a suspicious service to purchase dermal fillers. The result after their introduction can have serious negative consequences. BeautyDermal offers our customers all the guarantees of originality and certification of our products. We take care that our products satisfy every specialist.