Have you checked the calendar yet? We are getting into 2020 and 2019 will be outdated. As we walk into a new year, it is an opportunity to make new beginnings. What are you thinking about doing in 2020? A new year is surely a legitimate reason to change your hair colour. Perhaps you have not heard yet, but getting a hair colour in Cardiff is the talk of the hour! Now, you must wonder why people are digging the hair colour services in Cardiff. What is different? 

Top Prettiest and Trendy Upcoming Hair Colours in Cardiff for 2020

To help you with the best options in hair colour to try, here is a list of the best seven, prettiest hair colour trends that will be everywhere across the UK from coming January. Take out your To-do list for 2020 and add these colours to get. After all, they are recommendations by the best hair colour specialist in Cardiff (Bellisimos Hair Salon). 

Silver Blonde Hair Colour

If you are not sure about going completely silver in 2020, then trying the silver-blonde hair colour in Cardiff is highly recommendable. This is a different shade of blonde-haired person, with evenly distributed silver undertones. It is bound to be a super hit in 2020 because it is the perfect shade to give yourself the ice queen persona. To maintain the amazing colour much longer, using a purple shampoo is very important.

Buttercream Blonde Hair Dye

This is as yummy as it sounds! It can be your new Christmas look and a great treat to yourself this holiday season. These tones can vary from light gold blonde-haired people to light to medium golden coloured hues, to light to medium warm gold-colored hues. The result is mostly a buttery cream coloured, champagne blonde hair dye. It looks fabulous. If you have dark hair, light the colour of the base after having highlights. Illuminate the golden colour to give it a soft gold finish. Alternatively, feel sure and confident to explore the purple-based shampoo to maintain its glossy look.

Lilac Hair Colour

Although you will see everyone with this colour in the coming days, do not hesitate to get inspired. Moms, teenaged girls, and even men will have it on. It will remain all over the place in 2020. Just hop onto the bandwagon and enjoy the newness of the lilac hair colour in Cardiff. To maintain its shine, we recommend using a weekly mask so that the tone does not appear brassy. 

Demi Lovato's Dip Dye Ends

This is the perfect and trending hair colour in Cardiff already. Add some bright colours to the lower ends of your hair only. No need to dye the entire head. Consider it the cooler version of dip-dye ends you may have created using the Kool-Aid. Style the hair like Demi; bump the ends with the curling rod to create a cute shape. 

Caramel Highlights

You need to try this one at least once in a lifetime. The Caramel Highlights are a combination of the chocolate brown base with caramel coloured highlights. The distribution is in equal parts low-key which looks amazing as the colours shine. A tip by the Hair colour specialist in Cardiff is to keep the highlights glossy with a shine spray. 

Rich Red Hair Dye

Who does not want to be a redhead? They look gorgeous and attractive. You must add this hair colour to your To-do list. There will be many vibrant redheads all over the place in the coming days. When you have red hair with warm undertones, it makes your skin glow and gives you a whole new look. The Hair colour specialist in Cardiff recommends washing it with a sulphate free shampoo, lathering it up intensely. It helps keep the lather looking vibrant.

Dark Chocolate Brown Hair Dye

Okay so, you are not a fan of light brown or caramel brown hair. Do not worry; dark chocolate brown is also going to be a trending hair colour in Cardiff through the end of 2019 to way into mid-2020. The Hair colour specialist in Cardiff can add some lighter brown highlights and full-body waves so that the colour does not fall flat. 

Pastel Plus Hair Dye

This colour has been around since 2018 and never gets old. It is going to be one of the trending hair colours in Cardiff yet again. So if you have not tried it yet, make the most of 2020 and hit it off with a great Pastel Plus hair colour start. Pastel hair hues are easy to change, so explore the dusty pink, dusty rose, and dusty coral shades. They look amazing.

Cinnamon Swirl Hair Dye

This is the best version of hair colour in Cardiff, with a deep mahogany base, covered with cinnamon accents. You may have dark hair, so the hair colour specialist in Cardiff recommends using two shades of the auburn colour to give it a natural look. If you go lighter than this, your hair may end up having a brassy tone. If you have light hair dye now but want to tread into the ashier territory, then use the two shades. If you make it darer, be ready to have an inky and harsh look.

Shadow Roots Hair Colour

This is one of the most famous types of hair colour in Cardiff right now. In fact, you will see some celebrities like Kim Kardashian with this every now and then. Ever since she started this trend in 2017, it has been around and will remain throughout 2020. You have to tell the hairdresser to dye the roots with a colour that is darker than the rest of the hair. Let it fade out into lighter locks to create a shadow effect.

There you have it – a list of highly recommended and trending hair dyes to get in Cardiff.