Are you getting tired of replacing your mattress sooner than its advertised lifetime? Well, you’re not alone who suffers from the same dilemma. Shopping for a mattress is not as simple as buying a bed sheet or a pillow. If you’re not familiar with the right things to look at and consider, checking out physical and online stores can be exhausting.

You need to spend time and energy just to get that sleep you’ve been yearning for a long time. So, skip the exhausting part and choose the best mattress that suits you without wasting too much time and energy. Check out the following tips we prepared just for you:

Know that right place to shop.
The first thing you have to think about is the place where you can buy the mattress you need. Unlike before, shopping is no longer limited in brick and mortar stores. Gone are the days when you are stuck with visiting these stores and trying out their mattresses one by one. We now have online mattress stores where you can simply browse and select the mattress you want to buy.Once you shortlist the brands of mattresses,you can use comparison websites to decide which one best fits your need.

If you want to stick with the traditional shopping, make a list of the best mattress shops. So instead of visiting 5 or more stores, you can it to just 2 to 3 stores. But if you don’t have the time to check out physical stores, you can browse through online shops. To ensure the credibility of the store, it’s better to shop on the official online stores of well-known brands.  

What kind of mattress do you like?
Mattresses today are no longer limited to just innerspring mattresses. There are other types of mattresses like pillow-top, gel, hybrid, memory foam, and latex mattresses. If you want a more unique mattress, you can also choose from specialty foam, airbed, and waterbed mattresses. Depending on your preferred materials and features, any of these mattress types can suit your needs.

For instance, innerspring mattresses are known for their steel coil support system which is covered with padding. But if you want an extra upholstery layer sewn on top of the mattress, a pillow-top mattress is a great choice. If you prefer a combination of steel coil support system and memory foam/latex/gel-infused memory foam/polyurethane, a hybrid mattress will do.
How plush or firm do you want your mattress to feel?
If the mattress is too firm for you, it will target your pressure points and ruin your spinal alignment. In this case, you might as well sleep on the floor or on the sofa. But if the mattress is too plush, it can suck you in and give you a hard time moving. If some parts of your body sink too deep, it can also misalign your spine and cause body pains.

The best mattress should offer a balanced comfort and support to avoid triggering body pains. Regardless of the kind of mattress you want, always consider its firmness before buying it. If you suffer from back pain already, we recommend a firmer mattress that promotes spinal support to ease it.
Do you want a firm base?
Each mattress features a different base to match the needs of different sleepers. Memory foam and latex mattresses are popular types of mattresses that depend on its density and thickness to offer a firmer base. These two things will help you determine whether the firmness of the mattress is enough for you or not.

Thus, mattresses with a firmer base usually contain multiple layers of foams with high density to ensure this.
You can also go for hybrid mattresses which typically offer a combination of foam and innerspring layers. This way, its foam/s can cushion your body while its springs can provide a firm base. It can also support you and its top layers while you sleep.
Check the mattress adjustability and flexibility.
If you prefer a mattress that offers adjustable features, there are air mattresses that can satisfy your needs. Air-filled mattresses feature adjustable height and firmness which lacks in other types of mattresses. Some models can be pumped manually or automatically with a switch. You can even use the remote control on other models to customize your preferred firmness.

Depending on the brand you seek, some also offer reversible mattresses that you can flip every once in a while. This way, you can balance the wear and tear of the mattress which can also extend its lifespan.
What is your preferred sleeping style?
Your favorite sleeping style has a lot to do when choosing the best mattress that suits you. For instance, you’ll need a mattress that can support your weight and contour to your shape if you’re a side sleeper. Many innerspring and hybrid models offer great pressure relief. However, some foam mattresses may also work by reducing the pressure on your shoulder and hips.

If you’re a stomach sleeper, you can be more comfortable with firmer foam, air mattress, or dense innerspring. If you’re a back sleeper, you need a mattress with more support in the middle to ensure the health of your spine. If you’re a combo sleeper, there are also foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses that can work for you.
Test the mattress.
Make sure that you test each mattress yourself or your partner (if you share your bed) for at least 10 minutes. Try different positions to see if you don’t feel any pressure or discomfort especially on your favorite sleeping style. One of the keys to finding the best mattress that suits you is to take your time while testing it.
Testing mattresses can be time-consuming but it is important, especially if you’re a picky customer. It’s best not to rush on deciding by simply looking at its design and pressing your hand on it.
Final Words
Get the right amount of sleep you deserve by choosing the right mattress. But aside from the mentioned tips above, it’s also best to consider if you’re a hot or cold sleeper. Memory foam is known for its soft feel but it’s also notorious for retaining heat. Thus, most mattresses manufacturers today incorporate cooling gel beads and other cooling solutions to reduce the heat. It’s also best to get a mattress with hypoallergenic materials if you’re a little sensitive and suffer from allergies.

Moreover, don’t forget to look for certifications from CertiPUR-US, GOLS, or Oeko-Tex to ensure that it’s safe from harmful chemicals. Lastly, check its warranty and return policy to avoid facing problems in the future.