The Christmas mood is already in the air. It’s that time of the year that we celebrate by buying gifts to our loved ones and friends. If you are a family man, it means that you have to find a special gift for the love of your life. However, pleasing your woman may not be easy. 

You have to know what your wife likes before hitting the stores. And since you can’t dare ask her because you want the gift to be a surprise, you just have to think hard and pay attention to what she comments on in daily conversation. At the end of it all, you want to invest in a memorable gift and one that is special. One that will always remind your wife about you even when you are not around. Here is a collection of gifts that you can buy to put a smile on your wife’s face this Christmas.
1. Handbag
This one is definitely a no brainer. All women love handbags, so you can be sure that your wife will feel thrilled when you gift her with one, especially if it is made by her favorite designer. However, a handbag has to be unique for it to be adored. A good handbag should have several pockets of different sizes on the interior so that she can keep her stuff separately. Besides that, it should be made from a material that’s resistant to both scratches and water. If you want to add a little something extra, consider buying the matching wallet or a new keychain to go with it!
2. Female Watch
A timepiece is an ideal gift idea for a woman who has a busy schedule. Besides helping her manage time, it’s also a great accessory that can compliment her wardrobe. When shopping for a female watch, you should narrow down the models that come with a shiny chronograph. When shopping for a female watch, you should narrow down the models that come with a shiny chronograph like the ones from Hublot. It’s also important that you give priority to watches that have illuminated hands. Such watches make it easy to check the time at night. And for the sake of saving money, you should pick a watch that has an adjustable leather strap. If you don’t want her to be buying a battery every few months, it’s advisable that you choose a watch that rewinds itself automatically as she goes about her daily duties.

3. Earphones
If your wife is obsessed with music, you can surprise her this Christmas with a pair of earphones. Although most people are used to wired earphones, wireless earbuds are the best for a busy mom. This is because she will be able to do her chores in the kitchen or the garden without the wires tangling up. The good thing about the latest models of earphones is that they come with noise cancellation functionality. This guarantees that the love of your life will be able to enjoy listening to cool music without being distracted by external noise.
4. Essential Oils: Coconut, Teatree and Aloe Vera
You can never go wrong with this one. This is because every woman loves her hair and wants to take care of it. How her hair looks and feels plays a big role in how she feels about herself and her confidence. Research shows that essential oils help in nourishing hair with the nutrients that it requires to prevent the strands from breaking. If your wife has been experiencing hair loss recently, she will definitely appreciate a bottle filled with tea tree, aloe vera or coconut oil. For more details on other hair products, check these haircare tips.

5. Robot Vacuum Cleaner
A robot vacuum cleaner is recommended for a wife that’s too busy to clean her house herself. If you have a big house, it’s advisable you get a machine that’s operated hands-free. Since such a vacuum doesn’t come with a power cord, it can clean a big area without being limited by distance. As long as the machine is in line of sight with the remote control, your wife can definitely operate it stress free and get rid of dirt and debris on the floor of the house. A reputable brand is usually the best because it comes with a limited time warranty.

6. Sneakers
This one is ideal for the wife that’s conscious about her health. If your wife likes to hit the gym regularly, a pair of sneakers would really impress her this Christmas. Just make sure the sneakers are made from a material that’s breathable and easy to clean. The sole should be thinner and rugged to minimize instances of slipping while training. But before you order for the sneakers, you should secretly check the size of the shoes that she currently wears. This helps in ensuring that you get her the right size of shoes.  

7 A Portrait Painting?
A Portrait Painting: A painting done from a memorable picture (wedding, childhood, family picture) would be a great recall of precious memories that you have lived together. A painting would immortalize the moment forever