Due to our hectic lifestyle, bad food habits and reduced physical activities; we have become more prone to diseases. This is why people have now become more concerned regarding their health. But in addition to staying healthy from inside, staying in shape has also become very important for most people.

From fitting in the favorite dress for your best friend’s wedding to boosting the confidence, there are many reasons to shed those extra fats around your thighs, hips, belly, and biceps. But surgical treatments have started losing its credibility in the market. Fortunately, this has led to a new development that is known as body contouring.

Emsculpt is one of the safest ways to get rid of those extra fats. It offers many advantages and less risk. There are many reasons why people have started shifting from the very popular surgical treatments to Emsculpt. In this blog post, we are going to discuss some of them.


One of the biggest reasons behind the influx of Emsculpt treatments is that it is non-surgical. All the available body contouring that helps you in shedding those extra fats quickly are basically surgical. But you should know that surgical treatments are not suitable for everyone as different people have different health and fitness level. 

In some cases, your body will never allow you to go through a surgical fat reduction process. But since Emsculpt is a non-invasive process, it is suitable for each and everybody. During the Emsculpt process, not even a single syringe is inserted in your body and that’s why people prefer it more.

Reduced risk

In addition to not being suitable for certain body types, surgical fat reduction processes like liposuction are very risky as well. Every surgical process comes along with certain types of risk. But when it comes to fat reduction processes, then the risk associated with surgical method increases by many folds. 

Change in skin sensation, fluid accumulation, infection, damage to nerves and blood vessels; these are some of the most common risks associated with surgical body contouring like liposuction. But that is not the case with Emsculpt as there is minimal risk involved in this non-invasive Emsculpt process.

Minimal downtime

If you are working in an office or own a business, then choosing surgical fat reduction process will mean a loss of profit or wage. You should know that surgical fat reduction processes are very complex. That is why even after the completion of the surgery, the doctor will recommend you to take bed rest for at least 7 to 10 days. 

Lying in bed for the single breadwinner of the family is not a very practical option and that too just for losing those extra fats. But when it comes to Emsculpt process, then there is no downtime involved. You can go through the Emsculpt treatment at 7 o’clock in the morning and then right from the Emsculpt center; you can go to your office.

Better results

Since Emsculpt process reduces fat naturally, the effect lasts forever. Till now, no one has reported sudden weight gain after a few months of Emsculpt treatment. But in surgical treatments, there have been many cases where people have gained more weight after a few months of the surgery. Also, some people have reported worsening health condition as well. If you maintain a proper diet after going through the Emsculpt process, then the chances of a sudden weight gain are nullified.

So, if you are looking to shed those extra fats without going through any complicated body contouring process, then choose Emsculpt and stay away from the risk associated with surgery. Emsculpt is more effective and also has long lasting effects on your body.