In order to lead a productive life, we need to stay fit and well and so many of us take steps to ensure that we don’t get sick. There are many ways to do this and keeping fit is one of them. Other ways to protect ourselves is made by the clothing that we choose and some of it is designed to keep us cool and protect us from harmful UV rays and other clothing is designed to keep us dry and warm. Come the winter time in Australia, we all need to wrap up as it can get pretty cold at that time of year. However, one part of our body that we frequently overlook is the neck area and the best way to protect it is with a scarf.

A scarf is the ideal accessory piece that doesn’t take up any room as it is so light, but it provides great heat and insulation that you really don’t get from any other item of clothing. It serves the purpose of keeping the neck warm and the neck is one of the most vulnerable of places on the body for letting cold air in and warm body air out. Sure, your scarf is also a fashion accessory that looks fantastic around your neck and shoulders, but there is more to it than that. It is an essential piece of kit that keeps you snug and scarves like Victoria Ragna silk scarves are ideal in situations such as these. They come in so many fresh and bright colours and they are made from the finest of materials that are sure to last you a lifetime.

As well as looking great, your scarf offers many health benefits and we will look at just some of those benefits here today.

Your scarf should be your number one choice for keeping your neck and shoulders warm in the cooler temperatures in Australia. It also protects your chest area and you can pull it across your mouth and nose to protect the skin on your face from the ravages of the cold air and it also provides some warm air for your lungs instead of freezing cold. Even in the summertime it provides protection as you move from the outside into a cold air conditioned room.

If you have health issues like arthritis of the neck or other issues with your upper back and neck, then a scarf can provide the necessary protection that your body needs. The cold air in these areas exacerbates the issues, but a scarf can help ward off the cold and the area stays warm. 

The great thing is that you will look fashionable while you protect yourself from the cold. It is a win-win situation as you stay healthy and you look great.