If you’re looking to boost your career prospects, you may be interested in going back into education. However, there are various stumbling blocks that many students face before even signing up for a course. Some students may not have a college or university close by, or they’re unable to quit their full-time jobs to go back into learning.

Whatever the reason, more and more students are choosing to study online. Whether it be a diploma, training course, or degree, there are tons of benefits that come with studying online, rather than in a traditional classroom. If you’re looking to climb the career ladder, and want to know more about what online learning can do for you, read on as we discuss the benefits of studying online.

Convenience and Flexibility
If you have a family to support and bills to pay, you may not have enough time to commit to a traditional college or university. Instead of having to stick to a schedule and attend lectures and seminars at a specific time, studying online can provide you with convenience and flexibility, meaning you can pick and choose when you study. Being able to combine your learning with other commitments such as family duties or your job can mean you can earn while you learn. To get the most out of your course, make sure that you create a study schedule that gives you windows of opportunity to focus on your work.

Lower Total Costs
If you don’t live close to a university or college, you may not be able to afford the transportation and accommodation costs that go hand in hand with student life. Even a short bus or train journey to and from college can soon add up, so to keep costs down, studying online may be the best option for you. Not only will you not have to worry about added expenses, many online courses tend to be cheaper than those at traditional colleges and universities. Many of us don’t have an endless pot of money, so keeping an eye on your finances and looking at ways to save will mean you can complete your course without the worry of getting into a huge amount of debt.

Less Intimidating
While some students have lots of confidence and are able to flourish at a traditional college or university, other students can be more reserved and find the experience intimidating. If you panic at the thought of being around your peers in a classroom setting, you may prefer to learn from the comfort of your own home instead. Throughout your course, it’s important that you feel comfortable and confident in your abilities, otherwise you may not get the grades you set out to achieve, therefore, ditching the classroom and learning from home will mean you can focus and concentrate on your studies.

No Commuting
None of us particularly enjoy the rush hour commute. If you study at a brick and mortar educational facility, getting from A to B on time can be challenging. Many students dread walking into a lecture or seminar late, so if you don’t like the idea of being on crowded public transport, studying online may be the right route for you to go down. For students with anxiety, the fear of being late to class can be overwhelming, so choosing an online course instead will mean you will never have to watch the clock and rush from your home to get to your desk on time. 

Review Lectures Instantly
While some students are able to retain information right away, others find it a little more challenging. When in a lecture, trying to take notes while listening to what’s being said can be hard work, so if you’re the type of student who needs a bit more time to soak everything in, choosing an online course means you can review lectures and course materials at a click of a button. Having all your resources at hand whenever you need them will mean you can keep on track with your course, and not have to worry about contacting your lecturer to go through a lesson. As long as you have an internet connection, PC, laptop, or tablet, and electricity, you are good to go.

Group Communication
No matter what type of online course or program you pick, it’s likely that there will be other students in the same boat as you. While you may think studying online may be isolating, technology has advanced over the years, meaning you can connect with your peers visually. Whether it be to discuss class notes, review coursework, or simply having a general chat, there are lots of platforms that you can use to engage with those on your course. One of the interesting aspects of online studying is that you may be able to engage with students from across the world, helping to improve your networking and communication skills

Flexible Technology
The content that is available from an online course tends to be far more easily individualized and richer than traditional education methods. It’s important that you find a learning style that suits you best to ensure you get the most out of your course. As you will have a lot of content to get through, there are various ways on how you can learn. Whether it’s screen casting a lecture to your television while you are washing the dishes, or taking notes like you would normally in a traditional classroom with the help of applications like OneNote, the choice is entirely up to you.

Study at Your Own Pace
From the moment you sign up to an online course, you may feel pressured and anxious to get everything done right away. While you will naturally have deadlines to adhere to, it’s important not to rush into your work. If you study in a real-life classroom, it can be all too easy to compare yourself to others, especially if you feel you’re behind with your work. When studying online, you will be in your own lane, meaning you can study at your own pace at a time that suits you. 

Advancing Your Career
If you’re hoping to climb the career ladder, it’s important that you have the right qualifications and credentials in place. Whether you plan to go into the business world, financial sector, or healthcare industry, employers want candidates to have a wealth of education and knowledge behind them. When it comes to applying for roles, getting employers to take notice of you is crucial, therefore, completing an online course or degree can boost your resume and help you stand out from competitors. 

Gain Transferable Skills
There are various transferable skills that you will learn throughout online learning. No matter what type of subject you’re studying for, you will develop a range of soft skills that you can carry with you into the workplace. Some of the unique transferable skills that you will learn throughout your course include critical thinking, research skills, collaboration, and organization skills. It can be daunting to commit yourself to an online course, however, you will notice a boost in your confidence and self-esteem which can help when it comes to finding employment once you’ve completed your program.

Learn Self-Discipline
As you will be learning from home rather than around others, it’s up to you on how much you get out of your course. When you factor in the cost of the program and the time you need to commit, it’s only natural that you will want to get the best grades possible. As you won’t have a lecturer standing over your shoulder to push you in the right direction, you will need to learn about the importance of self-discipline, which can give you the motivation and drive to succeed. Only you will be accountable for your own actions, so adhering to deadlines, understanding what time management is, and staying focused is important.

There are lots of things that can get in the way throughout your online course. Whether that is family issues, friends, or work, it’s important that you don’t let anything stop you from achieving the best grades possible.

Help and Support
If you are struggling with any aspect of your online course, knowing there’s someone there to provide guidance and support can make all the difference and help you stay committed and focused on your learning. Whether it be help with a module, or to read through your coursework, many of the top online schools have tutors who are available around the clock for their students. If you have any comments or questions that need answering, don’t hesitate to ask.

Unlike a traditional college or university, talking to a professor once class has finished can be difficult. With many students fighting for attention, it can be hard to get your voice heard. When studying online, however, you will be able to have one on one conversations with your tutor from the comfort of your own home. Tutors may also be available throughout the night or during an intermission to answer any questions that you may have.

Variety of Courses and Programs
Thanks to technology, there are more and more online courses being created every year. Unlike in the past where you had no option but to attend a brick and mortar establishment to complete your studies, online learning has expanded into every subject and field you could imagine. No matter the type of industry you want to go into, it’s likely that there will be an online course that you can enroll yourself on.

For example, those who would like to go into social work can complete their master’s degree program online. Florida State University have an MSW online no GRE degree which can be useful for those wanting to become a substance abuse social worker, community social worker, child, family & school social worker, or a hospice & palliative care social worker.

Quicker Time Frame
Unlike a traditional college or university where you may have to commit yourself to several years of study, many online courses can be completed in a much quicker time frame. For those who learn at a quick rate and want to dive into their chosen career as soon as possible, gaining your credentials within a matter of months is what makes online learning so popular with students across the world. 

Studying Tips
Once you’ve found an online course that’s right for you, it’s important that you know the right tips and tricks to help you flourish in your program. Trying to balance work, a family life, and seeing friends alongside your studies can be difficult, therefore, finding a balance between your commitments will mean you are prepared and focused to put 110% into your education.

Looking after yourself throughout your online course is important. As you won’t be in a traditional classroom environment, it’s crucial that you find a space in your home that’s quiet and peaceful, meaning you can get stuck into your learning without any interruptions. Make sure that you take regular breaks from your studies too. Being in the right frame of mind before committing yourself to an online course is important. The last thing you want to do is lose momentum or drive for your course, so retaining a positive mindset is key.

With many of us having to hold down full-time employment to get by, finding the time for education can be difficult. Whether you live on your own and have bills to pay, or you need to support your family, the thought of going back into learning may be the last thing on your mind. For those who want to move up the ranks, change career paths, or learn new skills, online learning can provide you with flexibility and convenience which can allow you to study at your own pace. With a wide variety of courses and programs to pick from that span every subject you can think of, it’s best that you take time to have a think about your career goals first.