Wearing the perfect outfit for an end-of-the-week night out is a girl’s biggest concern come Friday morning. Looking good can boost one’s self-confidence and clothes can only do so much to turn heads in a crowd and steal the spotlight.

Accessorizing is no problem when you have the Omega Constellation on your wrist, but here are other accessories you can wear during a night out to ensure you’re the only thing everyone in town is talking about.

Statement earrings
Don’t leave your ears bare and accessorize them with statement earrings.  You can find a great selection at Ary D'po.

Picking earrings isn’t as easy as it sounds because it turns out they can change your face shape! Matching earrings to your face shape can highlight the best parts of you.

If you have an oval face, buy yourself triangular earrings or classic stud earrings to make your cheekbones stand out. 

For round faces, dangle earrings can make you look slimmer by elongating your face. Avoid large hoop earrings because these will only emphasize your face shape.

Put your hair in a high ponytail or simply tuck it behind your ears and let the earrings do all the talking.

Layered necklaces
Accentuate your collarbones with dainty layered necklaces. A simple necklace can make your entire outfit look ten times more expensive. 

You don’t have to go out and buy a pair of layered necklaces; you can easily do it at home! To layer like a pro, pick out at least three necklaces with varying lengths (short, medium, and long) to get the most out of this look. 

If you’re feeling brave, choose one necklace with a bright pendant to act as the focal point of your entire outfit. Don’t forget to keep your metals unified and choose necklaces that are in similar shades to make it look as authentic as possible. 

Stylish belt

Perfectly-fitting clothes shouldn’t stop you from wearing a belt for a fashion statement! A classy belt can turn your outfit from errand day to red carpet glam.

Clinch your waist with a thick signature belt to give your body a curvy form. For the I-barely-tried look, tilt it a little. A simple adjustment will make all the difference. 

A hat
Yes, you can wear hats at night! There are all kinds of hats you can wear for both day and night, but as long as you wear it right, you won’t have problems turning heads. 

Rihanna gave us the look of the century when she wore a grey beanie with her leather skirt and red lipstick. If she can do it, you can, too.

If you want to add a little spice to your all-black outfit, why not wear a brown fedora to break the pattern and catch another person’s eye?

Cuff bracelets
The popularity of cuff bracelets waned throughout the years but they seem to be making a comeback for this season!

If you don’t own a cuff bracelet, you can easily achieve the same look by stacking up your bracelets next to your wristwatch for a casual look! This accessory adds more personality to your outfit and can make a simple jeans and shirt ensemble look luxurious.

For a more bohemian take, bracelets with tassels, beads, and even feathers can help you get this free-spirited look. Bright colors are a plus and don’t be afraid if they clash, it’s all part of the creative output you’re working so hard to exude. 

Got a chunky bracelet but don’t know how to style it? You won’t need any other accessories if you have this in your drawers. A lone chunky bracelet can give you a bold and edgy look if you wear it with an all-black outfit. 

Decorate your wrist with tube cuff bracelets to unleash your inner Wonder Woman! It gives you a futuristic look without going overboard. Your friends and colleagues will be impressed by your sense of fashion after they see you wearing it.

A ring (or two)
No man? No problem. Rings are a timeless symbol of class and luxury. This trend will never go out of style. 

You don’t need to single out a finger because you can wear multiple rings simultaneously. Don’t be afraid to stack them and wear them on whatever finger you want. 

From delicate gold bands to chunky rings with a huge centerpiece, there’s no shortage of ways to start your own finger party.


Don’t let the cold weather stop you from glamming it up. A scarf can make or break the outfit you choose, so here’s the right way to wear a scarf for the chilly evening.

Regardless of the pattern and color of your scarf, be sure to keep it from clashing with your outfit. There are over nineteen ways to tie a scarf to match it with your look, so don’t be discouraged when the breeze is too chilly for your tastes.