Traditionally, diamond rings are commonly associated with marriage. The engagement ring; a symbol as a promise or commitment to marry. Today, diamond rings are not solely adorned by those betrothed. 

The glitter of diamond rings and their significance have always captured the attention of people who love to own them. Some women love to acquire diamond rings and wear them for an important occasion. Men are also enamored with the idea of presenting their loved ones with diamond rings. For years, men who are head over heels in love with their women deck them out with diamonds as a sign of affection.

Diamond Rings Can Be Worn for Any Occasion
You do not have to wait for an occasion to buy a diamond ring or have one gifted to you.

Compliment Your Wardrobe and Personality
Mix and match with natural, colored, or cultured stones, so that you are geared up for any occasion. Diamond rings can be customized especially for you. Give your ring a traditional or classic design by setting it in gold or platinum. Wear them any way you like and enjoy the feeling of being decked in bling.

Flaunt your diamonds so that you set off your entire outfit to perfection. You do not have to restrict wearing diamonds to only special occasions. Wear them to match your clothing as special accessories, or simply with a t-shirt and jeans.

Diamond Anniversary Gifts
Every couple looks forward to their anniversary; an occasion to celebrate the years and memories they have shared together. A diamond anniversary signifies 60 years of marriage—quite an achievement! It’s very common to commemorate this important milestone with diamond jewelry.

In the past, the diamond was known as the symbol of the 75th anniversary. It is now much more common to consider the 60th anniversary the Diamond Anniversary.

A diamond anniversary marks a huge milestone in a couple’s relationship. It should be celebrated and commemorated with nothing less than diamonds. An eternity style ring is a perfect fit for a diamond anniversary as the stones around the entire band represent eternity.

Diamond Anniversary Gifts Make for Great Keepsakes
Diamond rings can mark any important anniversary such as the 10th or 25th wedding anniversary. It does not matter if it is the first anniversary or if the couple is celebrating their 50th! Special events have to be honored with befitting gifts that mark the day.

Anniversary Diamond Ring Styles
Traditionally, there are some designs and styles that denote a particular meaning. Designs can range from classic to traditional with options for the number of diamonds, their size and other delicate details.

Rings with diamonds in a row symbolize the conventional anniversary ring. Three stone diamond rings are worn by some to signify their past, present and future. They have special significance because they remind the couple of their past, present as well as the future they hope to share together.

Anniversary ring styles generally have several diamonds either set in a row or surrounded the precious stone in the center. The solitaire is a classic single diamond that is set on a plain slender band. The eternity ring is a band that is set with little diamonds around the entire ring.

However, this is not restricted only to remembering certain anniversaries, as diamond rings can be presented for any occasion.

Mark Special Life Moments and Milestones
Diamond rings may also be gifted by the husband when he first hears that his wife is going to have their child.

Rachel Zoe was presented with a gorgeous cushion cut diamond ring as a “push present” after giving birth to their baby, Skylar. 

Anniversaries are celebrated by couples as milestones to be remembered. It is not uncommon for husbands to present their wives with diamond rings for their wedding anniversary. It could be their 5th or 25th, but as an important event in their lives, they let their partner know how much they mean to them with diamond rings.

A recent trend the diamond industry is promoting celebrates womens’ independence. Women buying diamond rings for themselves, often as a symbol of their own achievements or status and not wanting to wait for “Mr. Right” to come along to “put a ring on it”. 

The Diamond Producers Association, made up of the world’s seven largest diamond mining companies, unveiled its “Real Is Rare” advertising campaign. The ads showcase the many different types of love relationships that currently exist. 

Regardless of the occasion, diamonds are the ultimate gift symbolizing love in all forms.