Healthy living is an increasingly broad term that encompasses many wellness practices. The healthy living habits of one, many not be those of another.

When we think about healthy living or green living, we may think about factors outside of the home like climate change, food production and physical activity. But we can also consider factors within our homes like the air we breathe and the food we eat.

And for some, healthy living may be associated with very natural or minimalist way of life. It can certainly be that way but there are also many useful gadgets to assist us with healthy living, especially in the home. For instance, the best air purifier and humidifer is designed to remove contaminants and prevent dryness in the air while top-rated juicers help you extract essential nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

Keep reading for more information on these and other solutions for health-conscious homes.

The Air You Breathe

If you live in a city with poor air quality (check out U.S. cities with the cleanest and most polluted air), or if you suffer from seasonal allergies, you’re well aware of how the air outside affects our physical health and comfort.

The air inside our homes, too, influences our health. Dry air prevents effective filtration of air-borne virus by our respiratory and immune system, and can contribute to dry skin, chapped lips and bloody noses. It’s also relates to the spread of germs in the winter which will concern anyone in northern cities. Air that is filled with contaminants like dust, pet dander and smoke particles can also compromise our health.

Buying a humidifier can solve the first problem and buying an air purifier the second. Better yet, you can purchase an air purifier and humidifier combo to remove contaminants from the air and add moisture to the air at the same time.

Check out some air purifier and humidifier reviews for a better understanding of the features and benefits. While all the best air purifier and humidifier combos will eliminate dust and clean out odors, some will be more portable, space-saving or efficient. Whichever you choose you can look forward to enjoying cleaner air in your home.

The Food You Eat

Under the umbrella of healthy living is healthy eating. This too, looks different to different people. Most however would agree that consuming essential vitamins and minerals through fresh fruits and vegetables is fundamental.

We’re often challenged to source and consume the recommended daily serving of fruits and vegetables in whole form. (Brush up on fruit and vegetable serving sizes here). Getting your vitamins in liquid form via juice or a smoothie is a great alternative.

There are all sorts of  juicers and blenders on the market to suit different needs and preferences. A slow juicer for example, helps preserve nutrients while a citrus juicer is typically space-saving and other types make clean-up a cinch.

Blender features and benefits are also varied. Some are more powerful and versatile, while others are smaller, quieter or low-cost.  

Whether you make juices, smoothies or both - these kitchen gadgets are sure to help you consume the nutrients your body needs. Storing fruits and vegetables will also help.

When it comes to healthy living at home, don’t be afraid to use modern technology to your advantage with small appliances and home gadgets designed for clean living and better health.