Even though the option of expert carpet cleaning such as Carpet Cleaning NYC option is readily available, but hiring every time is pretty expensive. The reality check is that we all struggle with the stubborn carpet stains (particularly when there is a toddler in the house), so what is the solution? 

You can clean the carpets via regular household cleaning equipment and homemade carpet shampoos, yes it's true! A do-it-yourself carpet cleaner can assist you to combat common stains, germs, bad odor, and dirt on dense traffic zones, etc. Impatient to know more, make sure you read the entire blog for some useful DIY carpet shampoos.

Create a carpet cleaner plus conditioner:

The first carpet cleaner is the closest alternative to the commercial carpet cleaners the professionals use. If you want a clean, fresh carpet with a soothing aroma, all you need is:

2 Tablespoon (roughly 30 ml) of liquid washing detergent
A quarter cup ( 59 ml) of multi-purpose cleaner
A scoop of Oxiclean
5 Ml (around 1 teaspoon of fabric softener)
A gallon of hot water

Combine all the ingredients and store in a bottle.

Window cleaner shampoo

We all have window cleaners at our homes, but do you know that a window cleaner can be an excellent carpet cleaner as well? Besides, it is an inexpensive product to keep your home spick and span, all you need is:

Combine an equal proportion of a good window cleaner with hot water and use it on affected areas, simple!

Super simple lemon peroxide carpet cleaner:

We all know that lemon has an excellent grease cutting property leaving behind a pleasant smell. Moreover, hydrogen peroxide is another impactful cleaner. So to create this carpet cleaner you need:

Add a third-fourth cup of hydrogen peroxide in a bucket
5 Drops of lemon essential oil
One and a half cup of water
Mix well and ready!

Excellent smell non-toxic carpet cleaner:

If you have little ones at your place, then a non-toxic carpet cleaner is your foremost concern as the carpet is a daily use essential. For a super fresh non-harmful carpet cleaner you want:

1 A cup of white vinegar
2 Teaspoons of salt
2 Cups of water
15 Drops of any essential oil like lavender or lemon
Mix all the ingredients; it's ready to clean the carpet.

Easy breezy powder carpet cleaner:

If you have grease and oil stains on the carpet, then none can matchup a powder carpet cleaner. To create this excellent carpet cleaner, you need:

1 A cup of corn starch
5 Bay leaves powdered for a fresh aroma
1 A cup of baking powder
A dash of dried potpourri
Combine all the ingredients, and gently apply on the carpet.

Shampoo for white color carpets:

Light color carpets look stunning, but cleaning them is nothing less than a nightmare. This carpet cleaning shampoo is strictly for light color carpets, as it can damage the color of dark color carpets, to prepare all you need is:

1 Tablespoon of dishwasher
4 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide
One and a half cup of hot water
5 drops of essential oil of your choice

Mix all the ingredients; apply them on the light color carpet for excellent results.