In case you’re looking for part time maid services in Singapore, then Auntie Cleaner Pte Ltd is going to be your ultimate solution. In fact, it happens to be the largest cleaning company that you will find in Singapore at present. They are known to offer packages that can be customized to satisfy your requirements. 

Their services can be hired on a 1-to-1 basis or they might even work according to the number of square feet that they need to clean every single hour. However, the customers must supply the cleaning materials to the company. At times, the company might also provide their own supplies, but for that, you need to pay extra charges.

Below we have mentioned some services provided by Auntie Cleaner Pte Ltd at present:

2. Office cleaning

3. Laundry services

4. Domestic cleaning

5. Contact cleaning

6. Part-time maid

7. Housesitting services

8. Ironing cleaning and so on

Next, we would talk about the advantages and disadvantages of employing the services of this particular company.


The company’s most notable service happens to be the maid service. Without getting the proper maid, it will be almost impossible for you to accomplish your domestic chores in your daily life.

1. Arriving on time

The maids supplied by this company will arrive at your doorsteps at the proper time. All you need to do will be to show them the areas to be cleaned and that’s all. They will make every effort to clean the spaces in the best possible way efficiently as well as within a short span of time.

2. Payment mode is simple

On most occasions, the payment has to be done on an hourly basis. In fact, the timetable, as well as the efficiency of the maid service of Auntie Cleaner Pte Ltd, has made the company stay out in the competition. However, sometimes they also charge a fixed rate which is not that common at present.

3. Cleaning your office

Cleaning office happens to be another significant service provided by Auntie Cleaner Pte Ltd these days. On most occasions, they will be sending a competent team at your residence to get the job done flawlessly. These individuals are highly experienced and competent enough to clean your workplace when your office remains closed. It will be a sensible idea to book their services in advance so as to avoid any frustration when you require their services. They are expert in providing impeccable services and will take care of the cleaning process efficiently. However, you need to remunerate them on the basis of the area of the room as well as manpower.

4. Offers Spring Cleaning service

The company likewise provides a unique service known as Spring Cleaning which is actually a special service in its own rights. While offering this personalized service, the company will take care to clean your household for that brand-new appearance. The company can boast of having several competent and experienced interior designers who are aware of exactly how to provide that flawless appearance to your house. You might go for a short vacation along with your near and dear ones and get your house cleaned meanwhile. When you get back eventually, a brand-new residence will be waiting for you out there.

5. Customer Support

The customer support team of Auntie Cleaner Pte Ltd likewise deserves special mention and they will offer you their help in the best possible way as and when required. You will be able to get a free quotation on all the services offered by this company once you call them in Singapore. The team is aware of the fact that their reputation actually depends on their clients and none else.


It is a fact that Auntie Cleaner Pte Ltd might not be able to offer adequate manpower at all times while implementing their services. Moreover, it will also not be feasible to get full-time maid service from the company in Singapore because of the fact that they are extremely busy and have to serve lots of clients in the area.


In spite of these above-mentioned drawbacks, the benefits definitely outweigh the downsides and help the company to stay ahead in the competition. In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that Auntie Cleaner Pte Ltd happens to be the best cleaning service in Singapore which has satisfied numerous clients over the years. You simply need to call them over the phone and allow them to serve you effectively.