Are you struggling with the painful hair woes?

Days where the comb doesn’t glide through, hair breaks, split ends, and hair being sucked its luster and shine are pretty daunting! 

With all these issues, it’s easy to be attracted by an advertisement that ensures a quick fix. The team at the salon provides you an instant shine by applying a miracle product. You would have gone to many salons and must have tried a plethora of products for sure. 

But, the result is zero! Have you did something wrong, or your hair is always dehydrated from the beginning? These are some pretty apparent thoughts probably circling your head. 

Before you make your hair more miserable, you should know that there is not one such product that can solve your hair issues. A good hair care routine involves many small steps that will help change the appearance and feel.

So, just sit back and grab a cup of coffee because we have listed the top four hair mistakes that you should avoid right now: 

Wash Your Hair but Don’t Overdo It

Are you washing your hair daily? If yes, stop doing it! You probably shampoo your hair daily at a young age, but as you grow your hair also change.

So, the prime thing to do is to know your hair; is it dry? Is it oily? Is your scalp flaky? Or any other concern! For instance, if you have dry hair, daily washing can make it brittle. Or if you have an oily scalp, you might need a good quality shampoo to clean your scalp thoroughly. You can take advice from professionals working in a renowned salon as well.

Go Easy On Hair Treatments

Getting quality hair treatments, whether straightening, hair color, or perm, the outcomes can be addictive. It even tempts you to get another treatment soon after.

However, you must ensure to get the treatment that suits your hair type from expert's hands in a good hair salon. As many salons use poor quality that may give you instant results, the effects can be temporary. Moreover, with each treatment using chemicals can make your hair dry and damage after a while.

Your best shot is to visit a renowned hair salon that offers a trustworthy service and finest of amenities and style in terms of every hair care service. Follow the instructions provided by the team after the hair treatment to prevent breakage and maintain its luster.   

Avoid Using Heating Tools

One of the biggest reasons of hair becoming dry is the excessive usage of curling irons, blow dryers, and flat irons. Prolonged high heat can damage your hair cuticle leading to rough hair, which in turn can make your hair breakable and creates split ends.

However, if you still want to use heated tools for a special occasion, consider these tips:

Never skip a heat protection spray before every use.
Use the tool at the lowest heat setting.
Never use it on extremely wet hair; let your hair dry first.

 Avoid Frequent Use of Tight Hair Bands

Making different hairstyles and experimenting with accessories can be a fun way to change your entire look. However, some accessories like elastic bands while playing sports or working out, can pull back your hair and damage your hair cuticles. 

This can further lead to patchy hair loss and dryness. So, make sure to go easy with your hair regardless of what activity you are indulging in! 


Be patient while trying any hair remedy as it can take some time to get the best results you crave for. Try to cut out the junk from your diet, follow a healthy lifestyle, and avoid above mistakes to happen in future!

Author Bio: Jim Yates is an owner of fashion-centric, makeup and hair salon in Encino. He offers the top-notch and has 15 years of experience in hair care, skin care as well as in nail care.