Generally, newborns tend to sleep in arms. It makes them feel safe and warm. Most parents hear it repeatedly to not let the baby fall asleep in your arms because then it becomes a habit. But newborns must sleep closely and comfortably. 

Once a newborn baby starts to develop more regular and better sleeping habits, it’s time to reevaluate things and bring some change. You can make the transition from arms to a baby cot. We know it’s easier said than done but we’ll help you figure it out in this article.

There is a reason why parents tend to devote a lot of their time buying the right baby products just like buying a secure and comfy cot. It’s because nothing feels more important than the comfort of your newborn. But buying a cot does not mean that the baby will sleep in it just when you will demand. 

Studies show that babies get less sleep when they are not in their cot and wake up more often because of irritation. They like to sleep in it too. It’s just about developing their habit with time and patience. Check this site if you have a baby who can't sleep through the night.

1. Put in a Blanket and a Scarf:

Babies love the softness and warmness of arms. They love to feel the temperature of the human body. A newborn understands the world through sensory motion. They even know whether they are being held by a parent or someone else. 

To make a cot feel mom-like, make sure to put a warm blanket or pillow in it along with a mother’s scarf. In this way, the baby will not feel relatively cold after being away from warm body temperature. Children can also sense the smell of their mothers through their clothes and stuff. 

If the child still feels uncomfortable, make sure to stand there for a few minutes and give a belly rub. But don’t pick them up, and don’t panic if it’s taking a long time for your baby to get used to the new transition. 

2. Only Put A Tired Baby in Cot:

Mothers get frustrated themselves when they forcefully make their baby sleep. They keep giving them belly rubs and swings wondering why the baby is not sleeping.     

A baby that is not tired or sleepy will only get irritated if put in a cot. A tired baby only needs rest, so give him a few minutes and motherly touches and alas - your baby is asleep. A tired baby only takes around 7 to 10 minutes to sleep. But make sure to stay there for as long as the baby is awake or else, a little noise will make the baby irritated and then the uncontrollable cries will begin. 

3. Add Motion to the Situation:

Babies had a habit of sleeping in mothers' belly for long 9 months. They will most likely sleep while being in a stroller or swing. Most babies sleep in cars.  

For this reason, you can get a swinging cot for your baby. In this way, they will not have difficulty sleeping any other way. You can get a space saver cot from mokee, for your convenience in bundle offers.