The busy bustling businessperson of the 21st century requires peace, quiet and serenity if they want to bash through their nine to five effectively. Barring that, they could at least do without a child crying next to them in an airport while they’re trying to conduct VERY IMPORTANT BUSINESS.

Yet this happens every day – most likely thousands of hours of productivity a year are lost because workers on the go can’t find a peaceful spot to do their work. 

That aforementioned crying child might be bawling its eyes out while you check your emails, a group of drunk lads might be bellowing a football chant while you’re writing a quarterly report, or a couple embarking on their honeymoon might be crossing the PDA line in the seat next to you while you call your boss. In the grand theatre of airport life, there’s very little chance you’ll be productive. 

That is, unless, you vie for some of the airports we’ve listed below. These hubs are known for their corporate-friendly layout, offering excellent parking, quiet spaces where you can conduct your business, or nearby hotels to help you rest after a long business trip.

Take a look and consider how these international flight hubs could save you a whole lot of headaches. 

Edinburgh Airport, Scotland

Edinburgh isn’t only the capital city of Scotland – it’s also where some of the most prestigious businesses in the country call their home. 

Its private airport lounges perfectly serve the needs of the corporate world, offering breathing space from the hurry scurry of the crowds. 

Two separate lounges are available, and each has its benefits. Check out their site to find out more. 

Noi Bai International Airport, Vietnam

As business opportunities increase in Vietnam, it’s worth knowing a little about Noi Bai International Airport, one of the best flight paths into this beautiful country. And if your company has some cash to spare, you might want to spend a night in the Luxury Airport Hotel & Spa.

Located two kilometres from the airport, this hotel will provide you with opulent rooms or apartments, perfect if you need to recharge after a long flight. Whether you’re chilling out, cracking on with some work or entertaining business partners, this hotel comes highly recommended. 

Heathrow Airport, England

Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest international flight hubs in the UK, making it a prime candidate for the travelling professional. 

It’s appropriate, then, that Heathrow Airport plays host to a wide range of amenities that are ideal for the businessperson on the move. 

For today, we’re going to stick with one – airport parking. 

Heathrow Airport’s private parking is partly supplied by and it offers a low-price valet service that’s ideal if you need to reach a flight terminal quickly. 

If you’re travelling between countries quickly and using any of the above airports as bases, our highlighted services will provide peace of mind. 

That’s our list! What airports would you recommend for the business traveller? Let us know in the comments below!