The one great thing about weddings is that they do not need modernisation like everything else in our lives. For many couples, they want to have a traditional wedding which follows all the customs and procedures of a classic wedding ceremony and reception.

If you are worried about your wedding plans, try implementing some wedding ideas that never go out of style. Some wedding trends have existed for several decades, so there is no reason to overthink the plans for your wedding day. Just stick to tradition and have a good time.

Of course, you can hire a wedding stylist to assist you in the arrangements if you are not sure what to do. 
But first, let uss go over five wedding ideas that never go out of style. Perhaps these ideas will point you in the right direction when planning your big wedding day.   

Personalised Wedding Vows
The wedding officiant does not have to do all the talking. One of the most romantic gestures of any wedding ceremony is when the bride and groom take turns reading their own personalised vows. 

These are different than the standard vows of honouring your partner “for richer or poorer, for sickness and health.”

Personalised vows come straight from the heart of the bride and groom. They express how they truly feel about each other and the joy they bring to their lives. These vows add sincerity and realism to the wedding, which will make it memorable for years to come.

Wedding Veils
Every bride is traditionally supposed to wear a veil over her head as she walks down the aisle to marry her groom. There are two types of veils, a blusher veil and fingertip veil. 

The former is a shorter veil which covers the face of the bride, and the latter is a long veil which exposes the face.

The blusher veil is the most romantic, so consider using that one. When the bride finally approaches her groom in front of the officiant, the groom lifts the veil to reveal the face of her bride. 

In other traditions, the veil stays over the bride’s face until they are declared husband and wife. Then the groom lifts the veil and kisses his bride.

Communal Dining Tables
Communal dining tables are very long tables which can seat a dozen or more people. Instead of having a lot of separate square or circular tables, have only one or two communal dining tables at your wedding reception. 

The bride and groom sit in the middle of the communal dining table while their friends and family sit to the left and right of them. This also gives everybody a clear view of the dancing area as they dine.

Lace Wedding Gowns
The lace wedding gown never goes out of style. It is a timeless classic which goes perfectly with any wedding theme. 

Not only do the nets and patterns of the gown make the bride look beautiful, but it can easily be customised for a more personalised appearance too. The standard colour of the gown is white.

Layered Wedding Cake
The traditional wedding cake consists of at least three layers. There are pillars to support the layers as they are stacked on top of each other. On the very top of the cake, there are topper figures which resemble the bride and groom.

A wedding reception would not be complete without the wedding cake. It is more for décor than anything else, but it can be a very delicious cake too. 

The tradition lets the bride and groom eat the first slice of cake together. They usually feed each other pieces of the cake while a photographer takes their picture. 

There is much to consider when planning a wedding. At the end of the day, it is about you and partner and the lifelong commitment you are making to each other.

Image Pexels License CCO