Tutoring service available online is a boon to any student who needs flexibility to have sessions at their convenient time and from comfort of their home. The internet and the mobile phones are available everywhere and anytime, but the in-person teachers may not. So, these gadgets can turn themselves into a noble service of being a tutor for such students. The tutoring service available online can prove to be beneficial for the students only when it has certain features. These features are discussed below.

a. Designed as per the prevailing education pattern

Online K-12 tutoring service must be a web-based version of a curriculum of a conventional school. It should offer the tutoring service for all levels including K-12. The framework similar to that of a school or college makes the tutoring service more relatable and thus, can make the students comfortable with it. K-12 stands for kindergarten to 12th standard. Thus, the tutoring service should provide the support for all standards of pre-college education.

b. Availability of test preparation programs

Once the students reach 12th Std, they require appearing in a number of aptitude tests to become eligible for the colleges for higher education or degree programs. Thus, apart from the regular curriculum, the programs helping the students prepare for aptitude tests should be provided in the online tutoring.

c. Grade wise and subject wise tutoring

The online tutoring service should allow the subscribers to use this service exactly the way they want. Some students require additional help in a subject or two. Thus, they can have subject wise selection of tutoring to get the required help. In case the students require having tuition for all subjects taught in the grade they are at, they may have the flexibility to choose the grade wise coaching

d. Abundance of worksheets and practice papers

The tuition should provide more than what is available in a typical 40 minutes to 60 minutes class. If the students get to do lot more practice tests and worksheets, they get to practice more, which is exactly what they require for working upon their weaknesses. Thus, the online tutoring service should have updated stock of the worksheets and practice papers to provide to the students.

e. Tie-up with the best subject experts

The quality of an online tutoring service depends upon the type of teachers included on the panel. The tutoring service reaching the homes of the students through their phones, tablets and laptops, etc. can be a meaningful support when it ties up with the expert online tutors having proficiency in the subjects. Their teaching methods reflected through worksheets should show their understanding of the children’s learning capabilities too. They should be available online through chats or one-to-one sessions for solving students’ doubts as well.

One can look for these features while selecting the online tutoring service for K-12 education system. The other features worth considering are money back guarantee, customized pricing plan and free trial facility. These features help the customers have their peace of mind while registering with such services. The pre-booking interaction with the tutors is advisable to parents so that they can be sure of the quality and reliability of the service.