With more and more provinces providing some form of legal cultivation, growing your own cannabis has become more and more popular. Having full autonomy over the cultivation process means you can get the fulfillment of nurturing something and consuming it - all for yourself and completely self-sustaining. This is the most organic method and is the best way to avoid unknown pesticides and fertilizers on your product.

The learning process is relatively easy, and the process becomes therapeutic in and of itself. Perhaps the biggest reason of all though, is that it is a huge money saver in the long-run. Site like seedsman.com provide affordable, high quality marijuana seeds. This article will assess both the benefits of cannabis and some things to keep in mind when buying the seeds.

Relief from suffering 

There are many reliefs we can get from the use of cannabis - both physical and mental.

Physical suffering 

Perhaps the most effect benefit from cannabis is its medicinal treatment towards chronic pain. Meta research assessed over 10,000 scientific studies and found it effective at relieving chronic pain. This is particularly used among back-pain sufferers, but it can relieve the pain of damaged nerves anywhere in the body.

Mental suffering 

Cannabis has been linked strongly to being useful in helping us fight addictions, particularly alcohol addiction. There is also a lot of evidence suggesting marijuana can help depressed patients, and those with PTSD.

It must be used carefully though, as there is also a risk of developing a dependency and addiction to the cannabis itself. CBD oil, which has the THC removed, is incredibly effective at reducing anxiety too.

Other health benefits 

Cannabinoids have been linked to slowing down the growth (and even kill) some forms of tumours. This is far from conclusive yet, but it shows positive signs. What is more certain, is cannabinoids effectiveness against nausea caused by chemotherapy.

How to choose the right seeds

First thing is first: feminized cannabis seeds are the gender of seed that you want. The male seed will grow into a plant that contains pollen - this is the seed you want for future breeding (and a source of fiber) but you cannot get high from this plant. The female plant on the other hand will have dense buds - the ones that we consume.

This is important because the feminized seed will be stressed into becoming a hermaphrodite i.e. a feminized seed will eliminate the likelihood of a seed turning into a useless male plant. You do not want the male plant near the female because usually seedless cannabis flowers are preferred. 

There are three categories of cannabis: indica, sativa and hybrid. Generally, sativa is high in THC and minimal in its CBD. This is usually for those who want a more uplifting experience with their cannabis use. Indica on the other hand has more CBD, although it can also have high amounts of THC too - the combination is heavier on the body. 

Depending on what you want out of cannabis, it is worth researching how to choose a strain. There can be lots of combinations and different benefits, so it is worth fully understanding before diving in and starting to grow something that is optimal for you.