The work market has underwent so many shifts during this past decade, that it’s increasingly difficult as a company to rely on a good employee retention rate. Employees are now more demanding than ever with regards to their workplace, pay and work schedule. This is why, as an employer, you can make the following improvements to the actual workplace and contribute to your employees’ happiness:

1. Focus on Better Lighting
If you haven’t already chosen the office space, make sure you look after a space that is abundant in natural light. This small difference in the office layout will not only contribute to your employees’ mental well-being and productivity, but it will also help slash your electricity bills. If you already have an office space, you can also invest in quality LED lights that will definitely make the room brighter and easier to work in.

2. Provide Irresistible Snacking Options
Let’s not forget that employees are people and sometimes their basic needs are the ones that need most tending to. To this end, quality and varied snacking needs to always be an option to them during a typical work day. When it comes to vending machines Sydney, New York or Ljubljana don’t make much of a difference - there are great providers to be found anywhere, you just need to look for them.

3. Go Green with Office-Friendly Plants
Unfortunately many employers consider the office needs to be a sterile environment, where their employees shouldn’t feel too familiar and comfortable. However they fail to realize that by adding a few plants around the office, they can definitely change the mood and also improve the quality of air in the room. Among the friendlier plants for an office space are the aloe, the English ivy or the ZZ plant.

4. Use Color to Boost Morale
When it comes to decorating the office, it’s never been easier to boost morale by inserting a pop of color here and there. Energize your employees with colorful plant pots, a lively bathroom mirror frame or even with upbeat paintings in the hallways and the actual workspace. The brain assesses so much of its environment through its visual component, that it would be a shame not to take advantage of this great opportunity to make your employees love coming to work.

5. Give Them Something to Play With
It’s true that, as a company, you don’t need to compete with giants like Facebook and Google in terms of leisure options for employees. But if you want to keep them happy and productive, you should reserve a room or corner for activities that will reset their brains and help them focus better. It can either be a PlayStation, a ping pong table or a fussball table. Ideally, you’ll want to offer a variety of options to suit as many of your employees as possible.

If you start implementing as little as two or three of the suggestions mentioned above, you’ll quickly notice how satisfaction levels are rising among your employees. Soon enough, higher productivity will follow too and your company will start thriving.