Influencer marketing applies to practically all trades and niches that you could imagine. We know that there are some fields where some of the best influencers have been instrumental in modifying the lives of their supporters. We understand that fashion is supposed to be a super niche where some highly creative uber-influencers could make a tremendous impact and dictate the ultimate direction that the fashion industry would take. 

In reality, fashion styles and tastes are bound to be infamously subjective and not all fashion gurus or fashion brand ambassadors would be inspiring you. Most fashion enthusiasts on Instagram are aware of the kinds of designs they have a preference for and they have identified their favorite influencers who are known to be promoting the kinds of fashion that complement their personal preferences and tastes.

Fashion seems to be a genre that is known to constantly cross social media channels. Since fashion is intrinsically a highly-visual trade, those platforms that place a lot of importance to visuals and focus on top quality visual content or high-resolution pictures are given top priority. This leaves no doubt in our minds that Instagram is the best destination for promoting the fashion fraternity and is the perfect channel for fashion influencers for showcasing their designs and clothing masterpieces. We know that fashion blogs are also of critical importance for educating the fashionistas about the latest fashion trends, as well as, the status symbols. Several fashion bloggers are present on the multiple platforms and enjoy being on a mix of Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, Moreover, some YouTubers have been successful in becoming popular by generating fashion and beauty-related videos.

Fashion is certainly a worldwide genre of expertise hence you could come across a host of fashion commentators online who provides influence practically from all corners of the globe. In the offline world, European fashion designers are given a lot of preference and importance. It is pretty much the same situation in predominantly the online influencer arena that comprises some of the world’s best and highly-acclaimed fashion influencers who happen to be of European origin.

Finding the Best Fashion Influencers

A special website has been dedicated to showcasing and spotlighting fashion influencers referred to as Top Fashion Influencers. We know that they regard themselves as primarily being a worldwide community that mind-blowing fashion influencers and fashion brand ambassadors of social networking sites. They seem to have generated a TFI score for determining the exact degree of influence possessed by the fashion designers. In this connection, we understand that often Instagram users could gain free Instagram followers by signing for trial offers from reliable digital marketing services.

Danielle Bernstein

Danielle Bernstein initiated her blog and fashion account @weworewhat while she was still in college. Since then she has been working with many famous fashion brands and has introduced her fashion line. 

Caroline Daur

As per, Caroline Daur is a fashion influencer of German origin and has an impressive follower base of 1.9 million on Instagram. She started Carodaur, a fashion & lifestyle blog in the year 2014 and wrote on topics relating to ways she integrates elements of fashion and style into her everyday lifestyle. She is a globetrotter and keeps posting on Instagram, as well as, her blog. She is truly a travel, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle expert.

Jenn Im

Jenn Im has over 1.7 million Instagram followers and is renowned for her popular YouTube channel that is having more than 2 million subscribers. She is a well-acclaimed and famous fashion influencer who has successfully created videos relating to affordable fashion. However, she has collaborated with exclusive fashion brands later in her career. She has introduced her makeup collections and clothing line.

Gemma Talbot

Gemma Talbot is supposed to be a fashion blogger based in London. She is used to talking frequently about how beautiful it is to have your unique style on ‘What’s In Her Wardrobe’. She allows you to buy her wardrobe simply by linking back to the specific product pages of diverse online brands. 

She has more than 52 K followers on Instagram and is certainly one of the most reputed and best fashion influencers on Instagram. In this context, you know that several apps and software are available today for getting free Instagram followers often during the trial period.

She has been attached to several fashion brands, PR, styling brands and luxury e-commerce. She has been collaborating with top brands such as ASOS, REVOLVE, UNIQLO, H&M, and Missguided. She has a fascination for leopard print and has a preference for skirts and dresses over trousers. You could often see her sharing all her unique fashion and style tips for pulling off different attires with grace. 

Alexandra Lapp

Alexandra is passionate about fashion and crazy for style and keeps sharing her favorite outfits, fashion looks, advice, and tips including the latest trends in fashion on her blog, Alexandra Lapp.  She is even in the habit of putting all her favorite things on sale. She has been inspiring women to consider experimenting with diverse sexy, cool, elegant, and casual looks.

Alexandra is used to publishing content that is relevant to lifestyle, fashion, and beauty on her popular Instagram account. She has collaborated with several fashion brands and accessories brands such as Steffen Schraut, Riani, APROPOS, IWC Schaffhausen. Her fascination for monochromatic colors and tones helps in differentiating her from the rest of the fashion influencers on Instagram.

Maria Vizuete

Maria is popularly referred to as Mia Mia Mine. She seems to have a deep passion and craze for the everyday street style inspired fashion. Her blog posts are about a combination of luxury pieces, exotic designer accessories and even highly affordable fashion.
You could often find her dressed in rugged style outfits, long boots, purses, and sunglasses in her Instagram posts. She has successfully worked with several designer clothing and fashion accessories brands like Gucci, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, and Bloomingdale’s. Mia Mia Mine is very fond of her golden retrievers Leo and Luna.


We have discussed some of the top fashion influencers on Instagram who could collaborate with you and help you in promoting your new line of clothing or fashion accessories. Your fashion brand would be reaching a wider audience. They would simply demonstrate to the audience that your fashion brand naturally complements their lives.