Winning gives us a lot of pleasure. And to satisfy people desire gambling sites have the RTP system. Some of the best payout bingo sites you can see below:

WTG Bingo.
Lucky Admiral.

They don't only give back the part of the wager but also provide visitors with a lot of bonuses. The first two places give away up to 500 free spins after a person made a deposit. The last one has an important feature – no wagering requirements. It means you don't need to play more to withdraw the prize. Besides, mFortune supplies every new player with a £5 bonus. So a lot of fun is guaranteed.

How does it work?

The abbreviation transcribes as Return to Player. And now it is more understandable, isn't it? As you might already guess, it is a percentage of cash given back. Generally, RTP is the term which owners use to present how much money a gamer will be paid back over time. To make it easier to understand here are the examples:

1. Let's take the beautiful integer - £100. After spending this sum on the website with 90% of RTP, you will get back £90. 
2. For one hundred bets with a £2 a 96% of RTP, a player will get £192.

As you can see, it is not hard to understand the process. Also, pay attention that particular games can have a separate from site cashback. It can be both higher and lower depending on the format.

1. Slots RTP are presented by 90%+.
2. Roulettes start within 96% and can achieve even 100%. It is because winning depends also on the skill and strategy of the player.
3. Poker and Blackjack have the highest value starting from 99%. But you should be concentrated and skillful.

For Bingo, the rules can be a bit different, because you don't play against the house. It supposes a game against other people. Thus, the main factors that influence the RTP are how big the prize pool and how many there are active players.

House advantage

The term is also referred to as the mathematical statistic. Usually, controlled by the operators, this feature is the opposite of the RTP function. For instance, if you bet £100 with a 5% of house advantage, there is a 95 pay back percentage. Supposedly you will get a £95 back.

The house advantage presumes that the owner of the site will always win more but only in the LONG term. Thus, it is still possible to win really big prizes if you're lucky and don't play for eternity. Usually, the number is not big. It can vary from less than 1% on the blackjack to 25% or more on other activities.

The house advantage includes a hit frequency component. Briefly, it is a term that explains how often the winning combination is going to be rolled. The figure can be also different. For the slots section, it is often low, like 5% is normal (and even might be high). But for other games, it can reach the mark of 40%.

Of course, it is important but even with 5%, players can win enormously big jackpots. To be honest, the value of the prize isn't under an influence of the hit frequency, but the chances of win – yes.

How to find a great payout place

Of course, the bigger the figure of RTP – the more chances to win. But all of these things are the theoretical ones based on a statistic. Thus, the chances become a part of the truth after thousands and millions of trials. So if you want to play just a bit, the RTP is not the main aspect.

Another related detail is the wager requirements. While you win the jackpot, you cannot be able to get the cash. The rules warn gamblers that they need to bet a 1x, 2x, 4x (and so on) amount of the withdrawal number. For example, to withdraw a £20 with 2x wager, a player required to bet £40. Thus, smaller requirements mean faster payouts. Make sure that you have checked this point and everything is fine.