K gold color is rich in change, high hardness, not easy to deform, not easy to wear, representing fashion, avant-garde, quality, charm, and also represents a confident, calm and elegant attitude to life. More and more people like to wear a stack of K gold rings, let's take a look at the six K gold ring stacking rules, let you double the fashion!

First, there is a saying that the K gold diamond ring and the K gold couple ring are worn in the West. When the couple wears the ring and the diamond ring together, the ring is equivalent to the guard ring, which can guard the diamond ring, protect the love, and the two rings are stacked together. Fashion is good looking. The ring finger is stacked with two rings. The ring finger and the index finger wear a ring. The middle finger and the ring finger wear a ring. Wear a ring for the ring finger, middle finger and index finger respectively.

Second, the same color K gold ring stack wear. This is an entry-level stacking rule, is to use the same color K gold ring stacking, if you feel bored, you can consider a breakthrough in the ring style, with one or two styles are unique The stack of rings can be worn to break this boring feeling. Heart ring meaning with different thickness or different shapes have a sense of presence in gold. Adding gems to the same color system is not so monotonous. The golden rings are matched with each other, but the ring with a more design is chosen, which looks more fashionable and individual.

Third, let the nail and K gold ring together CP when the nail meets the K gold ring, the two together CP can definitely create 1 +1> 2 effect! Talk about the most common metallic nail polish, can be natural with the ring, but the disadvantage is to pick the skin color, it is recommended that the skin white girls wear. Green is also quite mainstream in all kinds of gems. As shown in the figure, the nail polish with the sequin effect is exactly the same as the jewel of the jewels. It is very beautiful. Relatively speaking, nude pink nail polish is more common, you can choose pink saturation according to your skin color. 

Fourth, the triangle rule to wear jewelry must pay attention to the primary and secondary points, there are key points, there are primary and secondary, the reference triangle law is actually very good operation. You can start with the simplest three rings. After you are proficient, four, five, and six are all the same thing.

Five, K gold ring echoes the other accessories of the whole body. This is the highest level of overall coordination and unity, such as let the ring and your tattoo embellish each other, forming a style language that belongs to you only. It doesn't look so complicated. You don't have to think about it. Like clothes, you will always buy some jewellery sets, pair necklaces, earrings and rings, and pair them in a random selection of jewelry. The order is disorderly and the style is unified. Or the ring and infinity bracelets style echoes K yellow ring with gold chain bag, K white ring with silver reflective fabric bag and so on.

Six: Avoid wearing the little finger and the ring finger at the same time. Although the stack is very fashionable, if you wear a ring on each finger, it is too tight and complicated, but it is cumbersome. The moderate whiteness can magnify the artistic and aesthetic sense, leaving the space for imagination. Each hand leaves a blank of one or two or even three fingers, and it has more limelight. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid wearing the little finger and the ring finger at the same time, so as not to attract the riches, but the wealth cannot be retained, and the money may be lost. If you only wear the lonely one at your fingertips, how dare you call yourself a hipster? In fact, it is very simple to wear a ring. You only need these few a single item is enough.

Basic K gold ring whether it is normal wear or a proper joint ring, the basic ring is never afraid of more, but blindly greedy is also a must, grasping the level is the key to creating beauty. With a set of basic money ring, focus, primary and secondary, is it also very easy? Low-key simple style is very suitable for the first wearer, slim ring multiple stacks wearing can stretch the finger lines to create slim fingers. When wearing in parallel, wear 1 to 3 on the index finger, middle finger and ring finger, keep the position of the cheap promise rings parallel, and the tail ring can be selectively worn. When the bump is worn, it is necessary to create a two-in-one long staggered feeling, and the proportion of the whole stretched at the position of the joint.