IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System and it serves to test for the competency of non-native English speakers. This Academic exam is one of the major English language tests in the US. 

Moreover, the test is also considered in different universities across the world such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. This test stands for individuals who want to gauge their English proficiency or for those who would like to enroll in universities

The exam is quite difficult to pass as it is divided into 4 sections – reading, writing, listening and speaking and to qualify you must pass all these steps. Luckily there are some online practicing platforms that allow users to view and practice sample questions of it, for example this free IELTS academic practice can help you practice it as you prepare for your actual test. Let us now get straight to the point and explore some of the things we could do to pass the IELTS test given the free resources. 

Work on your areas of weakness

Success comes through identifying areas of weakness, researching and finding as many questions as you can to help you familiarize with the grammar. Areas of weaknesses play a role in making you find giving some answers complicated as we saw earlier. So what do we need to overcome this? The best solution would be to focus on these areas before we can undertake the actual test. Many forums on the internet prove to be handy too. Try any method you deem fit.

Do as many questions as possible 

They say practice makes perfect and taking private learning sessions using any practice questions exposes you to different scenarios. Practicing with as many items as you can find will expose you to different techniques of handling questions. Sometimes you may find similar problems in the actual final test, and you will spend the least time possible giving your answer and hence save more time for other questions. Utilize free practice resources to the maximum to help you improve your success rate. 

Take it seriously

You do not want to take this for granted because you need that access to the destination country or state. Why then don't you take the test like any other determiner exam because this test is a determiner too? Passing the IELTS test then means that your success rate improves because the marks you get to add up to the overall score which determines whether you are allowed or not. Avoid destructions as much as you can because this will eat on your time. Some of these distractions include using smartphones, peer pressure, or even noisy environments. Find a suitable environment and do your test.

Watch your speed

Time is money, so they say. But for our case, we want to manage IELTS test timing. It is crucial that you improve your schedule so that you complete the check-in time before you undertake any IELTS test. Managing time can be achieved though skipping the time-consuming questions, splitting your time according to the number of questions or using the elimination method. Skipping difficult question early, allows you to avoid spending the time that could consume time for other questions.  

In conclusion, we find out that your effort is the major determining factor for your success in passing the IELTS exam and it is time, therefore, that you focus on your principles and do the exam with seriousness so that you can improve your score.