Importance of Recognition

Recognition is essential in order to increase morale of a person to perform better in future. Recognition helps to boost other person’s motivation level by ensuring them that their efforts are not going unnoticeable. Recognition leads to increased level of productivity and higher satisfaction. 

If an employee is working hard in an organization with full commitment and distinction, they need their efforts to be recognised and known by their peers, subordinates and higher authorities. Similarly, if a student is performing with excellence and above average then that student needs to be praised by the institution in order to let others know about his/her abilities and hard work. 

Recognition can be done in many ways. Giving bonuses, appraisals, mini gifts, increments, promotions, distributing certificates, presenting awards, plaque, pat on the back, acknowledging efforts publicly, mentioning name in meeting.

Plaque Award- Efforts Being Valued 

 Plaque Award is a flat plate made of metal, ceramic, wood, stone or any other material in which a text is engraved. Plaque is awarded to a person on some achievement as a symbol of recognition. It is mostly given in ceremony in front of all other peers to let others know about the distinctive efforts. The purpose is to acknowledge the efforts of a person. It can be given to an employee in an organizational setting or to a student for his/her efforts. 

Plaque can also be commemorative plaque that is a plate fixed inside a wall, with text written on it, in memory of a person or an event or any other occasion. Some other plaques are personalised marble finish wood plaques, personalised cherry finish plaque with gold plate, personalised cherry finish plaque with silver plate, rosewood floating acrylic plaque, rosewood book award, elegant bevelled rosewood disc award etc. Any of the plaque award of own choice can be selected from available designed and the text and design can be customised according to preferences. 

Positive Outcomes for Organizations 

Appreciating efforts of employees timely and regularly leads to many positive outcomes that are not only beneficial for that particular person but also essential for an organization as well. Recognising efforts by presenting awards leads to:

Low turnover rate
Higher satisfaction
Affective commitment
Increase in motivation level of an employee
Increase level of competition
Increase productivity
Peaceful workplace environment
Increased employee engagement
Employee commitment
Employee loyalty 
Lower absenteeism rate
Increase in employee retention

Positive Outcomes for Educational Institutions

When student’s efforts are recognised and appreciated regularly it will generate positive results. Students feel honoured among their fellows, family members and friends. Presenting awards to students leads to:

Increase motivation level of students
Hard work
Competition among students
Sense of achievement
Sense of responsibility to get good grades in future
Affective commitment with their institution
Low absenteeism

Companies often overlook the importance of employees being recognised. Same is the case with some institutions, they failed to appreciate hard work of a student. In order to increase productivity and motivation level constant appreciation is necessary. Significant contributions of a person, if praised constantly, proves to be beneficial for organizations and institutions.