Marijuana can be smoked in many ways, but the most commonly used method is bowl smoking. Packing and smoking marijuana is an art, and every smoker should possess to have a great and enriching smoking experience. Apart from packing and smoking for a personal session, a person should be able to prepare a bowl for his guests too. So that everyone can have a good time and the art lives on. This article will cover all the quintessential details about this art and unravel all the hidden secrets about the same.

Exploring the marijuana pipe

There are many kinds of marijuana contraptions all around the world, but the most popular out of all of them are marijuana pipes. These are originally derived from the traditional tobacco pipes, but some modifications have been made in them to suit the purpose. This is the reason that their key characteristics are mostly the same.

Marijuana pipes have a deep round basin known as the bowl where weed is packed and an airtight channel purposely for delivering airflow with the help of a mouthpiece. To control the maximum amount of airflow from the mouthpiece, a second air channel, also known as the carb is present. This carb is, however, not essential, and the first two parts are good enough for having a great marijuana session.

Originally, tobacco smoking pipes were made up of ceramics, wood, or even bamboo. On the other hand, a marijuana pipe is almost always made up of borosilicate glass. The reason being borosilicate class is more durable and easily available in all parts of the world. Many people use tobacco pipes for smoking marijuana and vice versa. One can easily find marijuana pipes in online shops or supermarkets or gift stores.

Marijuana pipes can be of many different shapes and sizes and have different functions. Many pipes filter marijuana edibles with the help of water and let it cool before inhaling.

While there are some other types of pipes referred to as spoons because of the similarity in their shapes, these spoon pipes are recommended for beginners as they are compact, easy to use, easily available and very cheap.

How to pack and smoke a bowl of marijuana

To start with the process, there are a few things that need to be arranged beforehand. Apart from the marijuana pipe, a lighter or a matchbox is required to act as a heating element. It needs to be made sure that the heating element is not too strong and has optimum control when being used to heat the bowl.

Most users use hemp wax to light up their bowls. There are many advantages of using hemp wax such as no after taste, it burns evenly and ignites pretty easily. Another part to consider about marijuana pipe is that there should be a screen on the pipe to prevent a person from inhaling bits of marijuana that are still burning.

Preparing marijuana for the session is also very important, and there are a few key points that are needed to be kept in mind before jumping into a smoking session.

1. The weed needs to be broken down evenly

Most people do this with their hands as it is quite simple, but for the people who want their weed to be ground perfectly, there are blenders which can do the job.

2. Always use some screen at the bottom of the bowl

This screen will prevent any burning bit of marijuana from entering your system.

3. Less weed at the bottom and more weed at the top rule

Always fill up the bottom of the bowl with less weed and the top with more feed as this facilitates an even smoke. Now, who wouldn’t want that?


So these were all the things that a person needs to learn if he wants to enjoy a smoking session alone or with friends. As mentioned earlier, preparing a marijuana bowl is an art that cannot be learned overnight but requires patience and constant practice. Although the tips provided in the article will be helpful for a person just starting.