Haut-Brion wine is one of the most interesting brands of wine being developed in the vineyard of Bordeaux. They also deem the longest historical existence in the winery world as had brought wine tasting and food pairings to a whole new level. Aside from that, Haut Brion wines are also considered to be a top choice not only for wine lovers but also for people who wanted the wine to be part of their daily meals. 

Historically, the Haut Brion wines have no exact date as to when it was produced; however, it was said that in 1521 in the estate of Aubrion, the vineyards in this area has started to cultivate the Haut Brion production. This means that Haut Brion wines are one of the oldest wine labels that are continuously growing up until this day. 

Also, way back in 1666, a tavern in England was opened by the owner of Haut Brion wines to pave a way in promoting and selling their wines. It was the first Bordeaux wine that was promoted outside its territory which receives a lot of good feedback and reviews from most of the customer who purchased the product. 

Actually, a lot of wine lovers have said that Haut Brion wines deserve in getting a much-deserved credit for some memorable first things that happened which remained historic until this day. It was the first wine in Bordeaux that produced an aged wine. They were the first one to come up with a process of storing wines in big barrels in order to age it to come up with a much classic taste of wine. This process has been adopted by most wineries despite the presence of technology that may help in advancing the production of wines. 

Most wineries stick with traditional barrel storage they adopted from Sokolin Haut Brion wine production because topping off the barrels and aging wine this way reduces the amount of oxygen exposure which helps in making the taste of the wine fresher and age longer. The Haut Brion winery was also the first estate who was able to discover in taking off the wine off through its lees and come up with pump ups by the time their wines undergo the aging process. 

Moving forward, one of the biggest historical achievement that Haut Brion wines received was in  1787. This momentous event took place when Thomas Jefferson the 3rd President of the United States of America traveled in Bordeaux serving America’s French Ambassador. He had made a way of tasting wines in Bordeaux especially the wine with the highest quality which allows him to receive a Haut Brion present on May 15, 1787. 

The Production of Haut Brion Red Wines 

The crafting of Haut Brion red wines undergoes an extreme and delicate process. From the time the fruit is harvested, every winery makes sure that they look into the right weather condition at the same time the fruits should best season and ripeness before they are harvested. When done, they directly go to the place where it undergoes manual picking separating the best ones to unripe and not suitable to be processed as wine. 

Once the process is complete, it undergoes a vinification process which is unique with barrels that comes in stainless steel and double skinned. This is why the Haut Brion was the first winery to use stainless steels and barrels for the vinification process and aging of wine which is also adopted by several winery companies nowadays. 

Lastly, the aging of Haut Brion wines has made the label more interesting and intricate where a lot of wine lovers would love to get a bottle of this. Truly, it is a wine crafted with passion and patience producing an elegant and top notch taste compared to other wines. 

The Best Vintage Haut Brion Wine Labels 

Through the years that Haut Brion wines existed, there are massive and numerous labels of vintage Haut Brion wines that everyone can get. The taste of these wines hasn’t changed since the day it was manufactured. In fact, it has tasted even better as time goes by as Haut Brion winery continues to innovate and improve the taste so it can appeal to all types of people. Some notable vintage Haut Brion labels are 1990 Haut Brion, 2000 Haut Brion, 1995 Haut Brion, 1982 Haut Brion, 1986 Haut Brion, 1985 Haut Brion, 1988 Haut Brion, 2008 Haut Brion, and 2000 Haut Brion.

These Haut Brion labels had overcome different stages of production and were made of exquisite and first-class elements that were crafted critically. The quality of these wines is n the top which also made it as a top choice for elite families to consume. 

The Haut Brion Style and Character

It is said that Haut Brion wines possess a true class and sophistication when it comes to its taste and bottling style. These wine give out an earthy aroma paving a way for leather, smoke, tar, cassis, truffle, and spices to mix in a single element producing a  unique taste. Thus, Haut Brion wines deem a refined, sensuous, and elegant style that a bottle of wine can offer.

Aside from that, the pure fruity characteristics of the Haut Brion wine has also made it premier because they were cultured from the true flavor that no single additives have been added to enhance its flavor. In fact, the pure fruity flavor production has remained up to this day. 

Pairing Haut Brion Wines With Food

All Haut Brion wines are best served around 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 15.5 degrees Celsius. These wines are amenable and excellent to pair with meat dishes. Lamb, beef, duck, pork, roasted chicken, game, grilled meat, and braised meats best complement these wines. Apart from that, Asian foods like salmon and tuna also fit even better. 

Lastly, seas foods such as lobster, crabs, sashimi, and shellfish are alternative dishes that can best blend Haut Brion wines. Truly, Haut Brion wines are amazing Bordeaux wines that you must grab and taste.