Unfortunately, both non-fatal and fatal workplace injuries can occur each year. 

While it is primarily an employer’s responsibility to decrease the likelihood of an accident occurring onsite, employees must also aim to maintain a safe environment to protect themselves and their co-workers.
If you are an employer wanting to protect your staff, or a professional wanting to help maintain a safe environment, here are the identifying causes for workplace injuries.

Slips, Trips, and Falls
Regardless of whether you run or work in an office, grocery store, factory or construction site, it is common for employees to encounter a slippery surface or an obstacle in their path during a working day, which can lead to slips, trips, and falls. 

However, tradespeople are at greater risk of experiencing an injury, as they will be required to work at height on scaffolding, ladders and various platforms.

Muscle Strain
Workers who are required to lift heavy items in the workplace run the risk of experiencing some form of muscle strain, such as painful neck or back injuries. 

However, employers can reduce the likelihood of injuries when lifting, carrying, or handling heavy objects by educating their staff on proper lifting techniques and providing the appropriate training for an employee’s role.

Being Struck by a Falling Object
Sadly, it is common for some workers to be suddenly struck by a falling object, which can commonly occur on a construction site, factory or in a warehouse environment. 

For example, an object could fall from a shelf at height, which could lead to a painful injury, or an employee could drop a tool on a construction site that could cause a fatality. 

To prevent objects from falling, employers must provide adequate storage cages at height.
What’s more, they must regularly remind their staff on how to safely store their tools and equipment to decrease the chances of a workplace accident. 

If a business has failed to take all reasonable steps to prevent falling objects, the injured employee would have every right to seek compensation. Visit the-compensation-experts.co.uk to learn more.

Repetitive Strain Injuries
Repetitive strain injuries are becoming increasingly common in many workplaces across the country. Yet, many employers are failing to take the issue seriously. 

While the health issue is often associated with regularly using a computer at work, the injury can happen in almost any environment that requires repetitive motion of the joints.

For example, repetitive strain injuries are common in the following professions:
Assembly lines
Workers who use heavy machinery

To prevent repetitive strain, workers must take regular breaks from a task. This will provide their muscles with an opportunity to relax and recover from a repetitive motion, as it can decrease muscular stiffness and tension. 

Impact Injuries
Impact injuries are also common in many workplaces, especially if employees are required to drive cars, lorries, forklift trucks or another vehicle. Sadly, these accidents can have serious and fatal consequences. 
Employers must, therefore, ensure they provide vehicles with seatbelts and educate their staff on safety precautions when operating a vehicle.