The significance of food has gone much broader than it was considered in the past. Food lovers discovered countless recipes out of a single edible by cooking it in different ways. The tastes of a single dish even change after a few miles because of the diversity in cultures. Some regions are world famous only for good quality food such as Italy, China, India and Thailand. If you want to try something authentic European, nothing is better than Italian food because its recipes comprise a lot of secrets as well as simplicity. 

Apart from ordering readymade Italian food, you can also buy easy preparation kits of famous Italian recipes that are very convenient to cook. As compared to any other European country, Italian food is gaining massive popularity because of its distinctive features. Scroll down this article to know the reasons behind its popularity. 

Before going further with the detailed information, you need to understand that the cuisines of Northern, southern and central Italy differ from each other. In the northern region of Italy, dairy products and meat are the main ingredients of their dishes because it is the coldest area of the country. You will discover extensive use of cheese and other lactic ingredients in the preparation of the food. 

The southern area near to the Mediterranean sea with a moderate and warmer climate. Here you can expect extensive use of fresh vegetables as well as seafood variants too. It is also a famous hub of pizzas and pizza styling sauces that are currently spread all over the world. You will find the most authentic ingredients of pizza such as mozzarella, olives and pesto optimally used in the recipes of this region. 

Grilling and olive oil are the basic factors in the central Italian food recipes. Handmade pasta salad with Italian dressing is the signature dish of central Italy. Apart from this, an authentic restaurant can also serve you with lasagna Bolognese predominate, Parma ham and prosciutto. 

Apart from these distinctive features, there are some basic characteristics of Italian food. One can easily identify at the first look or with the first bite that the food is based on an Italian recipe. Here are some of the basic features that every Italian food lover must know. 

1) Basic ingredients 

When it comes to the preparation of typical Italian food,  fresh ingredients are the first requirement. Italians are very conscious about the selection of their ingredients. Whether it is cold Italian pasta salad the famous signature dish pizza, fresh ingredients are selected in order to retain the best possible flavor for your buds. 

2) Bread is essential 

Bread is one of the integral parts of almost every Italian dish expected pasta. In an authentic restaurant, you can expect different kinds of bread such as Pizza Binaca, Pane Di Lariano, Pane Siciliano, Rosette & Cornetto etc. 

3) Preparation process 

Slow cooking is the major secret behind the taste of Italian food. Apart from traditional Italy pasta and pizza, Panzanella, Bruschetta and Mushroom Risotto, everything is cooked slowly in order to retain all flavors inside.

These are some interesting features of Italian food that have made it so popular worldwide. Apart from this, you will also notice one thing that almost everything is prepared very simply rather than complicating with numerous spices.