These day techno and EDM is all the hype in the music industry. Techno music is the most popular in clubs, and you will be hearing it in almost any party you go to. This music might inspire you to become a music producer yourself, and you can easily do so! We have made this guide in order for you to lead you through all the steps of becoming a great techno music producer so that you can hear your tracks playing in the clubs and parties very soon.

1. Starting point

People usually start by getting really excited for making music and as well they should be. You can only produce quality music if you are really passionate about the whole thing. Don’t worry about having highly expensive equipment at this point, as there are only some basic things you should be focusing on.

. Digital Audio Workstations

First off, in order to make music you will be needing a Digital Audio Workstation or DAW which is basically a software that you will use to make music on your computer as it will enable you to produce, edit and record the music. These workstations or software you choose will depend on the type of music you like to make. If you are unsure about your sound yet, you can check out websites like in order to get some insight. And this is not something you will be stuck with; you can always change the DAW if you want to try something different after a while. 

. Experimenting

Next step is to start experimenting with the DAW. You can get a feel of how to use the software by watching some YouTube tutorials or asking some friends if they know how to use it. This will be slightly frustrating if you have never used a DAW before in your life. But don’t give up too quickly, you will eventually get the hang of it.

. Making the first track

After you get the hang of the software, it is time for you to make your first track. Don’t feel too pressurized and worry about making it perfect. Just make something that goes up to 3 minutes at the most and see how it sounds. Remember, this step is just to make you practice.

2. Practice practice practice

If you don’t know by now, you will be required to put in a lot of time and effort if you want to get to the point of playing in clubs. This is no easy process but all you have to do is to stay determined, only then you will get there sooner than you think. You should take out the time from your day just to constantly experiment with the DAW and finding your sound.

In order to educate yourself even more, you should look at music theories, and see how the famous techno producers arrange their tracks. Make sure you learn from them.