Some people have so much faith in astrology that they cannot take any decision without consulting their astrologer. On the other hand, there are some people who do not believe in astrology and consider it a scam. While astrology is a complex field that requires extensive study, there are some myths about it that are absolutely wrong. 

Some people only know astrology as a source of entertainment. Some people are so invested in the field, that they know a great deal about the space and spend online time researching about it. You can find your horoscopes, play games, buy stars. You must be thinking, can you buy a star? Well, you can certainly name it! Now you can name any star online and receive personalized gifts and certificates.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, there are some astrology myths that you should definitely stop believing. Here they are!

Astrology Controls Your Fate

We are all given the gift of free will and nothing can change that. If a certain reading predicts something, it does not mean that you no longer have any options. Some people think that whatever their astrologer tells them is the only truth. In reality, it is a false concept. 

Astrology is only meant to guide you and give you informed advice. It is a discipline that aims to help you take the right path. If you are going to a destination, you will eventually reach it. However, it is up to you which route you take. An astrologer’s job is to help you decide on the best possible path.

  Astrology Is Not Just About Horoscopes

A lot of people associate astrology with horoscopes, and that’s it! Astrology has different types and they are further divided into numerous branches. People think astrology is just about telling people when they will find the love of their life or when they will get rich. Astrology is so much more than that. It is a field that only few can master in one lifetime. 

  Astrology Predicts When You Die

Many people consult their astrologers to find out when they will die. It is wrong! Astrology can never hope to predict the time of your death accurately, or when certain events in your life will happen. Again, your birth chart is only meant to tell the decisions that are best for you. A good astrologer will never tell you such predictions as the purpose of astrology is to empower people, not make them depressed.

  Astrologers Are Superstitious and Uneducated

Astrologers belong to a culture’s intellectual elite. Astrology is what gave way to astronomy. For centuries, astrology was the only way you could study medicine at a university. It is still the same today. All the astrologers (the real ones anyway) are well educated and even have advanced degrees.

Astrology is a vast field, just like other science fields. Contrary to common misconception, it does not predict your whole life but only shows you the direction you must take!

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