Whenever you are sick, the first thing that comes to mind is going to a doctor. We trust doctors because we know that they are aware of what might have happened to you and they prescribe the right medicine to help treat your condition. 

But did you know that doctors and medical practitioners make mistakes when prescribing medication? Prescription drug errors are commonly made by both doctors and pharmacies and these errors can often turn out fatal. 

Here is why these prescription errors happen and how you could be at risk and why having a Miami prescription error attorney on your side is so important if it ever happened to you, your family, or a loved one.

The Statistics Paint a Bleak Picture

We trust doctors and their prescriptions so much that we don’t even care what is written and what we are taking. If you look at the statistics, you’ll be shocked to find out that approximately seven million people per year in the U.S are affected by these errors. With such a large figure, it could be you next time suffering from a prescription error. If it ever happens to you, you are going to need a prescription drug lawyer in Miami to help you out.

The Different Types of Prescription Errors

There are many kinds of prescription errors. Some are minor and preventable, but some can be fatal to the patient result in permanent injury and even wrongful death. Here are just some types of mistakes that are made by the doctor when prescribing your medicine that can be turned into a lawsuit.

The doctor prescribed you the wrong dosage of the medicine, either too little or too much that lead to ineffectiveness or overdose. 

The doctor prescribed you the wrong medicine for your condition which leads to several side effects and other problems worsening your illness. 

The doctor prescribed you the right medicine but the pharmacist gave you the wrong medicine. This commonly happens when the prescription is hand-written and the pharmacist fails to read the writing of the doctor properly. 

The doctor prescribed you a drug knowing that you are allergic to it. This leads to an allergic reaction which could get the patient hospitalized for several days. In the worst cases, allergic reactions from medication can cause death. 

What to Do If You Are a Victim of Prescription Error

Have you been one of the many millions of people affected by prescription error? Were you hurt physically, financially, and emotionally due to the negligence of the doctor or your pharmacist? It is important to know what to do if this happens to you because you can get justice through the court system and even receive financial compensation from the ones responsible for this error.

The best way to get compensated for all the damages occurred to you due to a prescription error is to hire a prescription error lawyer. These lawyers have the right knowledge and tools to help you win fair compensation, which sometimes, can be in thousands of dollars.