Coolsculpting is a form of cosmetic treatment that eliminates body fat. You might have heard of liposuction, but this could be new to you.

Coolsculpting works by freezing fat cells from the areas you want and is similar to liposuction. It targets different body parts that have fat. Most people want to have this treatment for places they can’t lose fat through diet and exercise.

The treatment is noninvasive, which means it doesn’t need you to go through surgeries, anesthetics, or cuts. The therapy has much less risk compared to liposuction. However, there are some potential side effects, and we will discuss all this below.

The medical term of cryolipolysis is branded as Coolsculpting. Expert skin clinics like Dermani Medspa can offer you this FDA-approved fat reduction technique.

Experts need to use freezing temperature to help your body break down the fat cells. Cold doesn’t damage cells, but it perfectly works for fat cells. It doesn’t harm the skin or underlying tissues.

During the process, the specialist vacuums your skin above the fatty tissues with the help of an applicator. The application cools down the fat cells, and the cold temperature numbs the body part. People do complain of a cooling sensation, but it is pretty harmless.

Coolsculpting takes you around an hour of treatment and needs no recovery time as the tissues don’t damage. Some patients do mention soreness in the area of Coolsculpting that is similar to the recovery period after a workout.

Once the treatment is done, it takes around six months for the fat to leave the body entirely – the area of substantial decreases by approximately 20% by that time.

Is Coolsculpting effective?

All types of cryolipolysis have a high success rate especially when you get it done from the best in town.  It effectively removes fat from your body and has few or no side effects compared to other processes. 

Although Coolsculpting will reduce the number of fat cells you have, it is not a miracle. People who are extremely obese cannot expect to have all their fat go down. Moreover, this process isn’t applicable for everyone as it can lead them to severe side effects.

Your lifestyle and health condition are essential factors to consider before going through such treatments. If you continue to consume unhealthy food and have a sedentary life, you cannot expect the results to last even after the procedure.

Coolsculpting doesn’t tighten your loose skin. If skin stretches due to fat build up, it will remain loose after the treatment. There are some more medical treatments to work on that, so you need to talk to the experts first.

Side effects of Coolsculpting

Cryolipolysis keeps you away from cuts, bruises, medications, and even anesthesia. However, it can lead to allergic reactions. It reflects that the rate of complication and side effect is less compared to options like liposuction. But it doesn’t cut down on all probabilities of side effects.

There was study does on 1,445 people, and only 12 people had complaints after the treatment. This is lesser than 1%, so you need to find out if the treatment is right for you or not. The most common complaint has less sensation in the treated area after the procedure. Along with that, you can have complications like bruising, swelling, skin redness, sensitivity, or pain.

One person had complained to have paradoxical adipose hyperplasia after the treatment in 2014. It is possible to only 005 percent of people who do this treatment. There was a review in 2015 that showed complications like bleeding, scarring, changes in skin pigment, and more. 

Some people found an increase in fat cells due to a bulge. The condition is more common for men from Hispanic or Latino descent compared to other races.

Does Coolsculpting last forever?

The treatment of Coolsculpting kills the fat cells in your body and those cells down return. However, there is no guarantee about the long-term effects. Many studies suggested months of relief, while some people weren’t happy with their results.

Note that destroying the fats cells you have right now will not prevent new ones from forming. Experts who offer you such services will give a strict diet that you need to follow. People who don’t exercise or live an unhealthy life will inevitably find themselves fat again. 

How much does Coolsculpting cost?

The cost of going through this process can be anywhere from $700 to $1,500 and more. Since Coolsculpting is a cosmetic process that doesn’t treat underlying health conditions, you can’t get it done through medical insurance.

The charges will depend on where you get it from, the skill of experts who treat you, and the size of applicator you need. You need to calculate the number of treatments you need to go through to achieve your body goals. Areas that have more fat might require more surgery.

If you only need small applicators and reduce fat from places like chin, it will cost you the least. Larger applicators will need more than $1,500 per session.