It’s agreeable that online shopping has changed the way things work. You can order something from an e-commerce store through your computer or phone and have it delivered to your doorstep. But some consumers have stated that what they got is not as beautiful as what they saw online. Well, it’s because photography illuminates’ objects. But the most addicted shoppers in the world know that nothing can beat the fun of traditional shopping. You probably don’t know these six reasons why it’s better to shop offline than online. 

1. You Experience the Product Before Buying it

Apart from those people who browse through e-commerce sites to find offers and rebates, most people prefer to buy their clothes from physical stores. In fact, it’s electronics that most people buy online.

Shopping centers like San Diego mall have garment stores with fitting rooms where you can check if your dress fits before buying it, a privilege you can never get from online shopping. You can also feel the material and choose the one you desire. Watching dresses look good on models online and imagining you will have the same look is deceiving yourself.

2. It’s Joyful Experience

When 50 Cent released his hit song, “Window Shopper,” e-commerce was not that common, and people enjoyed going to the store and viewing things they didn’t want to buy or couldn’t afford. How happy would you be if someone told you “let’s go out shopping”? The word “shopping” is exciting.

Shopping is a joyful experience. You get to experience real things, for instance, you will be able to see how large “The Wall” is. It’s a 219-inch Samsung TV released just recently, and you can only understand how large it is by seeing it physically. If you check it online, well, it will be smaller than your phone screen. 

3. You Get a Personalized Attention from the Store’s Staff

Do you feel like a star being dressed before a show when the staff at a store are busy around you taking measurements and suggesting the best dresses or suit, they have? When you shop online, the e-commerce store doesn’t know how your body looks like and which suit or dress fits you well.

It takes a human to understand what you need and show you the stuff you deserve, and that human, you can only find them when shopping offline.

4. Online Shopping Spams You with Target Adds

Most consumers want privacy. E-commerce companies spam your emails with ads until you wish to unsubscribe from their mail list. 

When you go to a store, they will probably give you some little brochures which you can decide to take or not. That’s so much freedom unlike shopping online where the moment you register on an e-commerce site, spam messages start to flow in. 

5. Online Shopping Sucks When It Comes to Returns

Despite all e-commerce sites stating that they offer returns, it is not as easy as they make say it. There is a procedure and days of waiting. It might take up to a month before your money is refunded after returning something. 

For offline shopping, you just have to carry the product or equipment you bought alongside the receipt. If you don’t find something to change with, your money will be refunded back right away. Very convenient indeed. 

6. You Can Take Part in A Food Extravaganza

Malls and major store outlets are known to hold food extravaganzas. Restaurants that are in the malls also have this tendency of advertising their menu by displaying some mouth-watering dishes at the mall’s entrance and asking visitors to taste. 

If you and your family are foodies, you can get the treats of your lives. It’s worth passing by especially if a word goes around that there will be a new restaurant. 


It’s true that online shopping has made things easy, but over the weekends or holidays, always take your family for grocery shopping and if possible, take your kids to the mall. Offline shopping is a trip on its own.