What would make a better security company than one that was founded by former military and anti-terrorism professionals, particularly during a time in which global terrorism and gun violence is on the rise?  A security company should have the best interests and safety of their clients in mind; as well as the assets of their clients should be their number one priority. 

What Is a Security Company?

A security company is a business that provides either armed or unarmed (or sometimes both) security to a private or public entity. As outlined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a private security company is one that delivers guard and patrol services in the form of bodyguards, guard dogs, and parking and security structure services to their private or public clients.  A security company’s primary function is to ensure that unauthorized persons do not enter a specific location. The security company is also hired for the protection of private or public assets of the clients who hire them. 

The private security industry has been quickly expanding, with more than two million full-time security guards; this is anticipated to escalate by 21 percent by the year 2020.  

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Types of Security Provided 

Some of the specialized security that a private or public security company will perform is “concierge security.”  This is the type of security that employs a security guard to work the front desk of an apartment building or condominium.  The professional security guards ensure that all visitor protocols are followed according to management.  This includes the verification of all visitors on the premises as well as giving them direction and registering them on site to ensure the safety of the residents.  

In the event of an emergency, security companies have trained personnel that knows how to execute an evacuation plan that may be required to save the lives of people during a fire, natural disaster, or possibly even an act of terrorism. Security companies train their security personnel to know how to act in the event of an immediate response situation. The professional guards know how to react to and reply to any questions asked by law enforcement or the fire department in the event of an emergency situation.   

Neighborhood Security 

This is a very important feature of security. When a family moves to a new neighborhood, they want to ensure that the neighborhood is a secure place for their family to live and their children to play.  Security guards that patrol a neighborhood should have training as level III security guards and be capable of performing first aid and CPR should the need arise. A level III security guard is trained and qualified to use batons and handcuffs as well as arrest a person if needed.  This level III security guard also is able to communicate with law enforcement and trained in de-escalating situations that involve conflict.  When a neighborhood has this type of security, it makes the whole neighborhood feel more safe and secure.