When you don’t choose your career path properly, it could end up ruining the rest of your life. Today, the surge in unemployment and underemployment are mainly caused by choosing educational courses that you are not interested in. If you are one of them who has finished high school and is probably going to join some random or fancy course, they this article is for you. Following is a list of the courses you could pursue based on your interest.
Suppose you are someone who is interested in participating in the daily affairs of your government, then these course are well suited for you.

1) Law:

Lawyers today have huge demand as the number of people who file civil, criminal and public interest litigations cases are more. The parliament or senate makes laws and lawyers are required to understand and interpret these laws in favour of their clients. Even if a case has little evidence, a competent lawyer could gain extra time and win that case with his talent. When you start to win cases, people will soon start thronging outside your house. If you are not a money kind of person, then you can try to become a public prosecutor.Bankruptcy attorneys are the need of the hour and many centers like the BLC Law Center, provide this service with excellence. 

2) Political Science:

Political science deals with the underlying governance structure of a country, the political theory behind it and developing policies based on it. You will be studying about your country’s constitution in detail and how it is used in preparing policies for the nation. Various career options are completing this course are:

Political Analyst
Social Media Manager
Public Relations Specialist
Legislative Assistant
Marketing Research Analyst
Intelligence Analyst
Attorney (getting help from political science graduates)
Political Consultant
Political Staff Campaign

3) Economics:

Economics is also one of the most important pillars of a country. It decides many factors such as how much a person should be taxed, what should be the prices of fruits, vegetables, oil, at what rate should a bank lend money, the value of our currency compared with foreign currencies etcetera. With an economics degree, you can hope to get placed in International financial institutions and lecturers in universities. The career options in this course are:

Financial Risk Analyst
Financial planner
Economic researcher
Investment analyst
Public Sector roles
Data analyst

4) Medicine:

Medicine is one of the most important and inevitable service sector in every nation. This course has never lost its charm even when other courses weren’t able to attract students. Human anatomy is being studied in this course in depth. On an average, people study it for 5 years and do internship for 1 year. Once done with the general study, there are various post graduate courses in which you can specialize like Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Anesthesiology, ENT and Neuro Sciences. You can start your own clinic and help patients. 

5) Engineering:

Engineering is considered to be the most familiar choice among parents and students. Everything in this world is only possible because of engineering applications. You can survive in this course if you have good knowledge of physics, mathematics and chemistry. Today people travel abroad to pursue engineering in reputed institutions.There is many branches in engineering and some of the important ones are:

Mechanical engineering
Civil engineering
Electrical engineering
Electronics engineering
Instrumentation engineering
Information technology engineering
Computer science engineering
Chemical engineering
Production engineering
Manufacture engineering
Automobile engineering
Industrial engineering
Environmental engineering

You can also write engineering services exam and serve the government in its engineering projects. 

6) Nursing:

Nursing is gaining more significance as the number of people to be taken care in hospitals is growing. If you are someone who knows to respect humans treat them with care, then nursing may be the best course for you to study. You should be able to tolerate sight of patients with blood stains all over their body by accident.

7) Pilot:

Being a pilot is not desired by many, but those who opt it have a great future ahead of them. Pilots are known to earn more than anyone.