I-Hua Wu was just named the first Asian to be the global face of Maybelline's brand of products. She joins supermodels that once held that role such as Adriana Lima, Jourdan Dunn, and Gigi Hadid. But things weren't always great for I-Hua. In school, she was bullied for being too tall.

Why would anyone do that? She grew up in Taiwan, and stands at 5'9", and she stood out for her unusual height.

“I never thought about being a model. Since I was little, I was bullied because I was too tall, or different somehow — I’m not really sure. I didn’t have any friends and was ostracized.”

Her mom saw a company holding a modeling competition when she was in high school, and she signed her up. But it wasn't to be a model, it was to meet other tall people like herself.

Wu later moved to Taipei to continue modeling, where she became famous.

Being criticized for being tall doesn't sound like bullying to me. Sounds like people are just jelly!