One-Punch Man has become quite a sensation as of late. Its protagonist, Saitama, is surely becoming one of the most cosplay-ed characters now. Cosplayer Anna Lynn transformed herself into the superhero character. Check it out.

1. Lynn is a woman with a full head of hair. So to pull the whole thing off, she needed to prep for it.

2. She wanted to be as accurate as possible.

3. And because Saitama is bald, and Lynn has a full head of hair, she had to wear a bald cap.

4. First, she started off with some designs and planning.

5. With the help of friends, she put on her bald cap.

6. This is the bald cap she used.

7. Then, she went into costume designing.

8. A lot of detail went into it.

9. Trying it on and it fits perfectly.

10. Next it was the gloves.

11. She couldn't find boots that fit her so she had to make her own.

12. Perfect!

13. Testing the costume without the bald cap yet. So far so good.

14. And after putting on the bald cap, she looks perfect.

15. This is the female version of Saitama.

16. She looks super strong.

17. One-Punch Lady?

18. Saitama, you've met your match.