Need a quick lesson in to some random subjects? Take a look at the GIFs in the gallery below. They offer up explanations to random stuff we'd probably be interested in. Trivia Tuesday! Check it out:

1. How Big Bird's suit works

2. How ice cream cones are made.

3. How WiFi is distributed in a room.

4. What happens to your face when you apply sunscreen.

5. How helmets get their camouflage paint.

6. How Michael Jackson defied gravity.

7. How a dog drinks water.

8. How a coin slot works.

9. How pretzels are made.

10. How peanut butter is filled.

11. What acting in front of a green screen looks like.

12. How a key works.

13. What happens when you swallow.

14. How light changes water.

15. How paper clips are made.