Meet Angelababy. You probably already know her. She's considered to be the 'Kim Kardashian of China' and she reportedly threw an extravagant wedding costing $30 million! That's double the amount Kim and Kanye spent on their wedding in Florence!

The wedding took place in Shanghai and it featured a tailored Dio wedding dress, 10-foot-tall wedding cake and party favors such as free phones for all.

Angelababy married actor Huang Xiaming and said her vows in front of 2,000 guests at the Shanghai Exhibition Center last week.

The venue had thousands of roses, and a 10-foot-cake which took nearly a month to make.

Her Dior wedding dress took five months to make!

Her ring is a giant six carat diamond rock from Chaumet.

Here's checking out the couple's pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris:

Talk about super extravagant!