Want to pick up a new hobby? How about one of these 10 in the list below? They're not just entertaining, they're also very good for your brain. See the benefits of these 10 hobbies and what good it does for you below:

1. Learning a new language helps your brain better perform mentally demanding tasks. People who are bilingual are better at solving puzzles than people who only speak one language.

2. Reading anything improves all three types of intelligence — crystallized, fluid, and emotional.

3. Learning an instrument and playing music is shown to strengthen the corpus callosum which is the part of the brain that links the two hemispheres by creating new connections.

4. Napping for just 15 minutes improves day-to-day memory.

5. Regular exercise flood your cells with BDNF, a protein that promotes memory, learning, focus, concentration, and understanding. Occasional exercise doesn’t quite do the trick.

6. Playing video games improves your spatial visualization ability, along with attention and cognition.

7. Socializing with friends or family and maintaining relationships increases cognitive sharpness, especially as we get older. It reduces the risk for mental health issues.

8. Doing puzzles like sudoku or solving riddles maintains neuroplasticity allowing you to learn faster and makes you less prone to anxiety and depression.

9. Painting and other forms of visual art improve the effective interaction between different parts of your brain and can delay or negate age-related decline of brain functions.

10. Meditation has positive effects on nearly every part of the brain and can improve your memory, self-awareness and goal setting abilities.