In some ways, getting a date is a bit like trying to get a job; you have to impress the person enough to take an interest in you. Anyone that has been on a few dates will know that finding that elusive perfect match is no mean feat.

Are you feeling dismayed about your lack of success thus far? Don’t worry because help is at hand! By following the tips on this page, you will find out how to make yourself more appealing to other people.

Ready? Good. Let’s get started!

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Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not

You might not realize it, but there are lots of people in the world that are quite good at guessing whether someone is lying to them or not. You might not think that you are a fantastic catch, but you should let the other person decide that for themselves.

Don’t try to make yourself appear like Vin Diesel or Beyonce Knowles, for instance. Just be yourself! Yes, put some work in to impress others. But don’t go overboard and create a fake persona - it never works and will leave you red-faced.

Dress to impress

What you wear on a date is important. The “smart casual” look is always a good idea, irrespective of your gender. You might have a particular fashion style, and you can use that to influence what you wear.

Just bear in mind what kind of date you are going on. Let’s say you’re taking someone at an upmarket Italian restaurant, for example. Don’t turn up wearing the clothes you’d use if you were working on your car!

If in doubt, ask the venue if there’s a dress code. You don’t need me to tell you how embarrassing it can be to get refused entry because you look “scruffy”!

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Let science give you a helping hand

You might think that your aftershave is enough to attract the ladies (or gents). But, have you ever considered letting science give you a helping hand?

Take pherazone, for instance. It’s a spray that contains pheromone, a chemical that we produce that elicit a change of behavior in others. In other words, it makes you more “sexy” to other people.

There are many studies that show pheromone sprays work. If you don’t believe me, read a Pherazone review and see for yourself! Of course, a spray isn’t a substitute for a lack of personality; that’s something you need to work on yourself!

Don’t act sleazy

If you come across as desperate and giving inappropriate compliments to your date, don’t be surprised if they get up and walk away.

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It still astonishes me today how people think they can get away with crossing certain lines with people they’ve never met before. Make sure that you treat your date with respect, and you are more likely to make it to second base!

Well, I hope these dating tips have given you plenty of food for thought. Good luck with all your future dating endeavors!