If you have been suffering from any eye problems like your vision becoming dull, irritation in the eye or watering of the eye and you do not really want to wear the old fashioned eye glasses then you can consider wearing contact lenses. The lenses are used to correct the refractive errors in the eye by adding or subtracting the focus power of the eye cornea.

Contact lenses have become cheaper today and you can use the lenskart coupons to get your lenses at discounted price. If you are planning to buy contact lenses soon here is a quick guide to get you sorted.

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Tips for taking care of your contact lenses

• When you remove the lenses, ensure that you clean and disinfect the lenses before using it again. This is important to prevent infections.
• It is vital to clean the lenses regularly after every use. The expert opticians suggest that you must change the case periodically after every 3 months.
• Every time you use the lenses, dispose the lens cleaning solution in the case and let it dry before putting down the lens in it.
• Avoid using any homemade cleaning solutions for cleaning your lenses. This can lead to serious repercussion including reddening of eyes and eye infection.
• Avoid reusing the contact lens solution
• If you are using any eye drops, make sure that you use only the one as prescribed by your optician. Also, if you are considering changing the brand of your eye drop make sure you consult your doctor

Tips for wearing your lenses correctly

• Before handling your contact lenses ensure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap.
• Never share your lenses with anybody
• Don’t use lenses just for fashion. The non-prescription colour lenses can cause harm to your eye and you may even lose your sight due to infection. Consult an optician first before using any non prescription lenses.
• Do not wear the lenses for a longer period than prescribed by the doctor. It is advisable that you strictly adhere to the schedule as advised by the optician
• Dispose of the lenses at the right interval as prescribed by the doctor

Different types of contact lenses

• RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) – This type of lens is made of flexible plastic. This allows oxygen to pass through the eyes. The best thing about using this type of lenses is that it provides clear vision and is very easy to wear. In addition, it has a relatively longer life as compared to other types of lenses.
• Soft Contact lenses – These are the most common type of lenses prescribed by the opticians. It is made of a special material that incorporates water in them. This makes the lenses soft and it feels comfortable on the eyes.
• Planned Replacement – As the name itself suggests, this type of lenses are replaced after a particular schedule, which is typically two weeks, a month or six months. It is suited for daily wear and it can be cleaned easily with the regular disinfectant solution.