Kids say the funniest things. They also write the most clever notes you can imagine. Here are some 20 kids who proved to be wiser than their age. Check it out below!

1. Never getting married:

2. The honest and shameless freeloader.

3. The kid who isn't actually sorry.

4. The literal kid.

5. Food critic in the making:

6. What a threat.

7. Ashley knows relationships aren't forever.

8. It's all business.

9. What a smart kid.

10. Positive upbringing.

11. If your kid loves WiFi more than you.

12. He's got a point:

13. This serious love letter.

14. This kid:

15. Joyce really wants an answer from God on this one.

16. The kid who is too sad to be hungry.

17. The kid who knows how to start off good, and then end with an insult.

18. Santa, you better.

19. Why we're all so afraid of things that are different:

20. Shortcuts.