Just like high fashion in the clothing industry, sleepwear can be instantly recognizable as well. From movie stars to icons, we've seen our favorite people in Hollywood and beyond in various states of undress—this includes sleepwear. Sleepwear is exactly what it sounds like—anything you wear when you get into bed and go to sleep.

Of course, that doesn't mean you have to go to sleep right away! Some sleepwear is made for aesthetic appeal and comfort so that you can get what you want before, during and after the actual sleeping portion of your night in bed!

Four Famous Types of Sleepwear Everyone Should Own

Here are four instantly recognizable bits of sleepwear that every person should have in their closet or drawers. If you don't know what these are, you should brush up on your sleepwear knowledge because life is too short to limit your enjoyment to time spent outside the bed!

1. The Smoking Jacket. To start off with, we go to one of the most iconic men of all times that is perpetually dressed in sleepwear: Hugh Hefner. Owner of the infamous Playboy mansion and magazine of the same name, Hugh dons his instantly recognizable smoking jacket just about everywhere he goes. The burgundy red jacket is decorated with paisley designs and accentuated with a white silk cravat topping the
look off. While originally meant for smoking a pipe in style and slippers, the smoking jacket has become a classy way to lounge in bed, making it a classic sleepwear style that every man should own.

2. Lingerie. On the other side of the coin, women too have their unique sleepwear styles, perhaps none more instantly recognizable than lingerie. As revealing or covering as you desire, lingerie comes in many forms. While fishnets and tight garter belts might be too tight for some, a plain teddy can be both alluring and comfortable. The great thing about lingerie is that it doesn't always have to be for special occasions, even if we mainly use them around birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Every women should feel the empowerment a flattering piece of lingerie gives them on a regular basis, making this our top pick for those who are looking for some kicks before getting to the sleeping portion of the night!

3. Moisture Wicking Pajamas. From sexy to practical, not all sleepwear has to be about extracurricular bedroom activities. For instance, moisture wicking pajamas are perhaps the most comfortable sleepwear there is. Thanks to the technology in the fabric, the microfibers are super soft and actually pull the moisture of sweat away from your body. This keeps you cool, dry and super-comfortable. Moisture wicking pajamas are a must have for anyone that hates sweating or being sticky when they sleep, but instead loves to be nice and cool, comfortable, dry and encased in the softest material that pajamas can be made from.

4. Silk/Flannel Pajamas. If you love the touch of silk against your skin, our next famous sleepwear is right up your alley. Silk pajamas can give you a feeling of elegance and extravagance—just try not to pair them with silk sheets if you plan on jumping into bed as you might shoot out the other side! If silk isn't your thing, perhaps flannel is. Combed flannel can be extremely soft, though stay away from the harder stuff since that can be itchy. But if you are someone that is always cold at night no matter how many blankets you have or how high the heat is up, flannel pajamas can provide you with the warmth you need to keep you snug as a bug under the sheets.

Where to Buy Sleepwear

As you can see, there are some extremely iconic forms of sleepwear out there—buy one or buy them all, using each for its own unique situation. The bottom line here is that you shouldn't just one one pair or type of pajamas. Even if you sleep in the nude, it can be fun to play around with different types of sleepwear just to see how you like it. 

Author Bio – This article is written by James Andrews. If you’re on the lookout for a peaceful night’s sleep don’t forget to check out Cool Wicking PJ's moisture wicking pajamas.