There are just some women who seem to be able to fit into any shoe of any brand with little or no fuss. But for some of us, finding the perfect shoe is tough.

Enter Shoes of Prey, who attempts to remove the hassle of searching for the perfect fit by letting you customize your own designs online before you purchase them. Customers can choose everything, from materials and their finishes, to heel height.

Shoes of Prey partnered with womenwear designer TOME at New York Fashion Week. The two companies debuted a new shoe style made specifically for the presentation. The stiletto pump, a style with skinny ankle and toe straps, was immediately available on the Shoes of Prey site for shoppers to purchase or to customize and make their own.

TOME and Shoes of Prey created the stiletto pump with minimal straps wrapped in variations of tan snakeskin. The shoe's minimal design and snakeskin details paired flawlessly with TOME's collection of mixed materials like taffeta and chiffon.

Co-founder of Shoes of Prey, Jodie Fox, said the collaboration with TOME was a win. “I was extremely excited to collaborate with TOME for their New York Fashion Week presentation," Fox said. "Creating shoes to perfectly complement their fantastic collection was an honor, and truly illustrates the vast design capacity that Shoes of Prey has to offer.”

Fox adds, "But one of the hardest things for people to see online is how the materials and colors render on the screen." In light of that, Shoes of Prey has a return policy — If a customer receives a pair of shoes she isn't happy with, she's got one year to return them — no questions asked.

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Image: Shoes of Prey