You have made your soap ready with perfect scent and texture but how can you create the best packaging to make the enhanced sales. Packaging of custom Soap Boxes is the first thing your potential customer will attract to. So, it needs to be impressive and alluring enough to grab customers’ attention. 

It is true with the fact that the fascinating packaging of any custom soap box will directly affect the branding and marketing of any soap-making business. So, business owners in soap making industry pay much attention to the packaging techniques and their specifications. Which sometimes burdens their budget and cost expenditures. So, for better earnings and greater profit margin it is necessary to adopt a cost-effective solution in creating custom soap boxes. Following content entails different cost-effective ways along with styles of packaging that you can adopt to achieve desirable profit margins and minimize your costs.

What Ways Can Be Acquired to Reduce Budget Burden While Packaging?

Following ways can be adapted to reduce your costs while packaging your custom soap boxes.

Reducing Shipping Cost

For cost-effective packaging solutions, soap makers should reduce their shipping costs. Choose such brands as OBT Packaging which offer free shipping. Besides, business owners in the soap-making industry should choose such a packaging material that is lightweight in nature and can be shipped in open form. Because courier companies charge according to the size and weight of the material. So, if you use corrugated or rigid material for your packaging of custom soap boxes then you will be charged more due to increased weight and size.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a very cost-effective method as it possesses low operational costs for both large and small orders. This method is versatile and perfect for producing high-quality and detailed images. The turnaround time for order delivery is low. You can also save money by using laser ink instead of an injekt one.

Color Model Choice

Use the CMYK color model if you are working with a vibrant color gradient for your packaging of soap boxes. They are cheaper and cost-effective because they don’t have standard color-coding to confirm the same shade. But if you want a high-quality color gradient then you should choose PMS for your packaging which obviously will raise your cost due to its accuracy and precision.

A Smart Selection of Design Specification

If you want a cost-effective solution for your packaging style then use minimal packaging designs. Because it will cost you less. Smartly use a simple and decent packaging style that not only reduce cost but also make it classy at the same time. These designs should reconcile with the latest trendy designs but they need to be minimal at the same time to secure your cost. You can use several customization options for your soap boxes.

Cut-out window patching: In this design packaging of custom soap boxes a cut-out window is added. This cut-out window is covered with transparent PVC film. This technique not only grabs customers’ attraction also satisfies them in their buying experience as they can see what they are buying.

Embossing / debossing: in this design, soap makers can prepare their custom boxes with logos in debossed or embossed form. In embossed form brand name will be raised above the surface impression and in debossed form, the brand name will be sunken below the surface impression of soap boxes.

Silver/ Gold foiling: In this design method you can give your soap boxes a luxurious look by foiling using gold or silver dyes. Other than these, glossy dyes with different colors can also be used. You can ornate the logos, brand names, or borders on your soap boxes. This will give an alluring and expensive effect to the customers while purchasing your product.

Spot UV: In this design, method coating is done with a spot UV effect to pop out your brand name or logo on your custom soap boxes. This provides a stunning and captive image of your product in the eyes of customers.
Packaging choice

When choosing material for packaging solutions always consider materials that are durable in nature but also cost-effective at the same time. Soaps can easily be spoiled if they are exposed to humidity, temperature rise, or even shock. So, such materials which are durable in nature are most preferred to soap makers. That is why these days most packaging companies are focusing on working at such materials which are high grade but lower in prices. Custom boxes with logos using Kraft material and whole-sale custom soap boxes are famous for their cost-effectiveness. Besides, cardboard and card stock material are also durable and lightweight which also makes them suitable for shipping.

Wholesale Deal in Packaging

A wholesale deal in packaging is the best option to save your money on the cost of packaging. Brands that offer wholesale deals provide bulk orders at cheap prices.


When you are opting for the cost-effective coating options for soap boxes then try to choose UV coating. Although they are quick to produce and have a low cost per unit but still have less strength and protection than lamination coating. AQ semi-gloss finishing is also a less expensive option in the coating.

Rapid Prototyping

To evaluate your packaging design, use the rapid prototyping technique as it is cost-effective in its nature and saves time. Its 3D printing enables it to diminish flaws and errors more precisely and swiftly. With the help of this prototyping, realistic prototypes can be made instantly.

Here are some cost-efficient style options are given below, which you can go through before choosing your perfect style.

Pillow Style Custom Boxes with Logo

This is the first cost-efficient style to prepare custom boxes with a logo for soap. In this method, soap boxes are customized to a pillow shape. This method does not require any glue. And they are easily foldable. Kraft material is used in its making which is very cost-effective and environment friendly. It can easily acquire a required shape with the help of the simple technique of origami. They can be helpful in packing small soap bars and soap samples as well. They can be made alluring and presentable with a little effort. You can use printed labels and logos from any printing company to save time and cost.

Custom Gift Boxes for Soaps

Those soap makers which are specifically dealing in customized gift boxes for soaps can make inexpensive personalized soap gift baskets to make it cost-effective. They can use alluring and presentable effects in their designs and specifications to make them attractive and desirable to the customers. Custom gift boxes for soaps can be decorated with ribbons, twine, and yarn to give it a polished or attractive look. These soap gifts baskets are given in wedding showers and as spa gifts to loved ones for the expression of love. Customers are attracted to those gift boxes which not only fulfill their alluring needs but are also not heavy on their budget. So, soap makers should customize their soap gift boxes according to the need of customers by using all the above-mentioned strategies and techniques to make them economical. Because when you will be able to manage your packaging cost it will be easier for you to offer lower prices to compete in the market.

Tuck Boxes Style

This style of packaging soap is more cost-effective as compared to any other style of packaging. With customized and different finishing options you can make the soap boxes eye-catching and attractive.