Have you ever tried and worn a mix of Japanese style and streetwear? No? seems complicated?

Well, you can't imagine how incredible and unique a fashion look it creates when worn with the mix-up. It's the best combination of international and locally sourced wear that makes a unique style statement—also getting excellent traction in the fashion world.

If you are fond of wearing streetwear and want to try the mix-up of streetwear and Japanese style, read the article carefully and pen down all Japanese styling ideas that I will mention here.

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So, let's get into it without wasting time.

Wear long kimono with black cargo pants

A stunning and wild look is waiting for you. Just wear the clack cargo pants with the long kimono. The Japanese kimono has its styling sensations that ultimately make you look aesthetic.

Wear camo pant street style with Japanese design hoodies

Hoodies are never the off in trend. They are always trending, and if printed with the best aesthetical quotes and worn with camo pants, you are dressed rightly to rock the streetwear looks.

Wear Japanese pattern kimono with grey techwear pants

Many Japanese celebrities wear pattern kimonos, so these are in trend and becoming the new fashion statement for the youngsters. You can wear a black coloured Japanese's printed kimono with the grey techwear pants. Don't forget to pair it with your sneakers.

Wear black Japanese anime hoodies with denim pants 

Denim pants are a more comfortable and semi-formal dressing that can be worn on any event except formal you can pair your denim pants with any coloured or black Japanese anime hoodies.

Wear goth hoodies with grey printed cargo pants.

Cargo pants are the most inspired techwear clothing article that is worn widely, and goth hoodies are local Japanese wear, so if it is worn together turned out to be the most stunning pair of Japanese streetwear look.

Wear oversized sweatshirt with blue jeans, style with hand accessories and bands

Oversized t-shirts are the most favourite fashion style that ever started. It makes the streetwear look more iconic and comfortable, and if you style them with blue jeans that are available in everyone wardrobe, then it will become your most go-to outfit.

Wear Japanese style loose pants with grey sushi printed shirt

Styling is the art, and being a creative artist wearing Japanese style loose pants with a grey sushi printed shirt shows the love of sushi to everyone. 

Wear Japanese dragon pants with the plain white shirt

Keep your culture close to you, and let's depict in your styling too and wear Japanese dragon pants with the plain white shirt and TADA! You are perfectly ready for a night out with friends.

Wear red camo cargo pants with the black sweatshirt

Camo pants are the favourite of many people and if it is in red, then quickly put it in the car and style it with the black sweatshirt.

Final words

I hope you like all the styling ideas and have tried them too, wait